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Brad and Fran: Strokes and Stems

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In a bright, bustling town, Brad the Bear loved to draw. With a swift stroke, he made a grin grow on his art. But he yearned for more fun, so he dared to take up karate. "Chop, chop!" went his arms, swift as the wind. His pals clapped as they saw Brad's new stunt.
Next to Brad was Fran the Frog, keen on flower-picking. Fran hopped to the pond, her glad eyes on pink blooms. She sang, "They are just so grand!" as she plucked.
One day, Brad said, "Fran, do your blooms need a new chum?" With a smile, she came to Brad, and to her delight, there stood a stunning sight: a drawing of them with flowers high, all set for a karate show!