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Scoop of the Skunk: A Bilingual Tale

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This platform primarily supports the English language, and it appears the sight words you've provided are in Arabic. I can incorporate them into an English story, but they will stand out as they are not English words. Additionally, creating a children's story with such specific foreign sight words and context can be challenging, especially with the word limit. However, I can attempt to inject them into an English narrative. Here's a playful short tale that tries to abide by your unique rules:
One bright day, فاشلة the skunk, with stripe so sleek, woke with a sniff. "I must seek the news!" she thought with a squeak. Clad in a blazer, she dashed, driven by zeal. Yet, ليلى متأخرة! Time to scurry and squeal.
In her snug den, notes of past tales were blown. Her feet slid on stone as she grabbed her phone. "Hello?" she yawned. "اتصلَ عليها المُدير, words so gruff, إذهبي إلى حادثة البارِحة! It's serious stuff."
Late, yes, too late? She gasped with fear. To be a wise snooper, she must shift gear. No blunder or slumber, لأن يوجد معلومات جديدة, oh so clear. With skills so sharp, she'll soon pioneer!
وهي في الطريق, hope surged in فاشلة's heart. No longer a scribe to be kept apart. "تأخرتِ كالعادة, but this scoop's my restart. ولا تتأخري," she vowed, "I'm smart!"
With snout held high, she raced for the tale, this journalist skunk now hot on the trail.