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The Number Detective

In a town filled with numbers, Detective Dot loved solving numeric mysteries.

What does Detective Dot like to solve?

  • A) Alphabetic puzzles
  • B) Numeric mysteries
  • C) Colorful riddles
  • D) Shape challenges
Introduces town and Shrewd eyes, wears a trench coat, notepad in hand, observant gaze who loves numeric problems.

One morning, the Mayor's favorite numeral, Five, went missing from City Hall!

Which numeral went missing?

  • A) Three
  • B) Seven
  • C) Nine
  • D) Five
The numeral Five is missing from City Hall.

Dot started at the park, where Number Five often liked to relax.

Where does Dot first look for Number Five?

  • A) At the school
  • B) At the park
  • C) In a museum
  • D) At the library
Dot starts searching at the relaxing park.

Seeing only Twos swing and Threes slide, Dot knew Five wasn't there.

Which numbers did Dot see at the park?

  • A) Ones and Fours
  • B) Twos and Threes
  • C) Sixes and Sevens
  • D) Eights and Nines
Dot sees Twos and Threes at the park, not Five.

Next, she visited the Number School. The Fours were learning addition.

What were the Fours learning at school?

  • A) Spelling
  • B) History
  • C) Subtraction
  • D) Addition
Dot visits Number School, sees Fours learning addition.

But the teacher hadn't seen Five. 'Five was eager to learn times tables,' she said.

What was Number Five eager to learn?

  • A) Drawing
  • B) Reading
  • C) Times tables
  • D) Playing
The teacher says Five was keen on multiplication.

Detective Dot thought deeply. 'Aha! The Library!' she exclaimed. Five loved stories.

Where does Dot go next thinking Five might be there?

  • A) The Library
  • B) The Market
  • C) The Number School
  • D) City Hall
Dot decides to check the Library for the book-loving Five.

The Library was calm. Six and Seven were reading about space, no sign of Five.

Who was at the Library reading about space?

  • A) Eight and Nine
  • B) Two and Three
  • C) Six and Seven
  • D) One and Four
At the Library, Six and Seven are reading; Five isn't there.

Drawing on her insights, Dot checked the Multiplication Gym. 'Five, are you here?'

Where does Dot look after the Library?

  • A) The Playground
  • B) The Bakery
  • C) The Multiplication Gym
  • D) The School
Dot checks the Multiplication Gym for Five.

Applause broke out as Five emerged, flexing multiplied muscles. 'I'm now Five Times Five!'

What is special about Five when found?

  • A) It learned to swim
  • B) It's now Five Times Five
  • C) It learned how to fly
  • D) It wrote a book
Five is found at the gym having learned multiplication.

Dot smiled, 'Now, you stand tall at Twenty-Five, but remember to stay in sight!'

What is Five reminded to do?

  • A) To swim
  • B) To read stories
  • C) To learn subtraction
  • D) To stay in sight
Dot finds Five and reminds it to be visible.

Back at City Hall, Five was honored for its dedication to learning. All was right again.

Why was Five honored?

  • A) For being the highest number
  • B) For being on time
  • C) For dedication to learning
  • D) For solving a mystery
Five is celebrated at City Hall for dedication to learning.

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