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Steering Through Chaos

It was a typical morning as the big yellow bus rumbled down Maple Street. Inside, chatter filled the air while Lucy, with her heart pounding, watched the roads through the windshield.

Pretend you're looking out a big window, what do you see?

Morning, kids chatter on the bus, Lucy observes cautiously.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Jenkins, the bus driver, clutched his chest. His face contorted in pain as the bus started swerving. 'Mr. Jenkins!' the children cried out.

Show a worried expression and ask a friend if they’re okay.

The bus driver is in distress, bus begins swerving, kids are shocked.

With no one at the wheel, Lucy sprang to action. Her heart raced as she jumped towards the driver’s seat, gripping the wheel just in time.

Pretend to hold a large steering wheel steady.

Lucy jumps into the driver’s seat, gripping the wheel.

The bus was on the freeway now, and cars honked furiously as Lucy tried to gain control. 'Hold on!' she yelled, steadying the wheel.

Keep holding the wheel and pretend to dodge obstacles.

Lucy on the freeway, controls the bus, cars honking around.

Lucy glanced at the rearview mirror, saw the anxious faces, and focused. 'You can do this,' she whispered to herself, trying to navigate to safety.

Whisper an encouraging phrase to yourself.

Lucy is determined, whispers to herself, trying to find a safe path.

The emergency lights blinked as Lucy maneuvered the bus onto the shoulder. She had to slow down, but the brakes were unresponsive.

Pretend to push down hard with your foot, like pressing a brake.

Lucy activates emergency lights, tries slowing down, brakes fail.

Thinking swiftly, Lucy guided the bus onto an off-ramp, hoping for less traffic. The descent slowed them slightly, and children held on tight.

Hold onto the seat tightly as if in a moving bus.

Lucy guides bus onto off-ramp, slight slow down, kids hold tight.

At the bottom of the ramp, Lucy spotted a field and steered the bus toward it. The grassy terrain jolted everyone as they finally came to a halt.

Shake as if you’re on a bumpy ride, then freeze when it stops.

Lucy sees a field, steers the bus to it, bus stops with a jolt.

The children erupted in cheers as Lucy turned off the engine. Mr. Jenkins was groaning but conscious — help was on its way.

Clap your hands in relief and cheer quietly.

Children cheer, Lucy turns off the engine, and Mr. Jenkins is awake.

Police and ambulances arrived quickly, surrounding the bus with flashing lights. Lucy spoke with the officers, recounting every harrowing detail.

Talk to the person next to you, pretend to explain what happened.

Emergency services arrive, Lucy talks to officers, recounts event.

Later, at school, Lucy was hailed as a hero. The principal announced a bravery award, and her classmates applauded her courage.

Stand tall and proud, receiving imaginary applause.

At school, Lucy is celebrated, principal announces award, applause.

As the day ended, Lucy looked out the classroom window, the sun setting peacefully. Today, she learned about her own strength, and it filled her with quiet confidence.

Look out the window, take a deep breath, and smile to yourself.

End of day, Lucy reflects on her strength, looks out the window.

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