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The Waiting Game

Lucy felt the warmth of the sun seeping through her window. She longed to go outside and play, but her body felt heavy and hot.

Why does Lucy feel heavy and hot?

  • A) She is sunbathing.
  • B) She is unwell.
  • C) She is playing.
  • D) She is tired.
Lucy in her room, feeling ill, sunny day outside.

Her mom checked her temperature and sighed. 'Looks like you've got a fever, sweetheart. You'll have to rest and miss school for a few days.'

Why does Lucy have to miss school?

  • A) She wants to rest.
  • B) She has a fever.
  • C) She has homework.
  • D) She is playing.
Lucy's mom checking her temperature, telling her about having to miss school.

Lucy's face fell. She loved learning and playing with her friends at school. Now, she had to wait for her fever to go away.

What does Lucy love doing at school?

  • A) Learning and playing with friends.
  • B) Staying alone in her room.
  • C) Taking naps.
  • D) Watching TV.
Lucy feeling disappointed about missing school and having to wait.

As the days passed, Lucy grew more and more restless. She missed her routine of going to school and reading books in the library.

What did Lucy miss the most?

  • A) Playing outside.
  • B) Reading books in the library.
  • C) Doing homework.
  • D) Watching TV.
Lucy feeling restless and missing her routine.

One day, Lucy's mom brought home a new book. 'This will keep you company while you wait to feel better,' she said with a smile.

What did Lucy's mom bring for her?

  • A) A new toy.
  • B) A book.
  • C) A game.
  • D) A movie.
Lucy's mom bringing home a book for her, trying to cheer her up.

Lucy slowly opened the book and began to read. The characters and their adventures took her on a journey far away from her room.

Where did the book take Lucy?

  • A) To the playground.
  • B) Far away from her room.
  • C) To the library.
  • D) To a friend's house.
Lucy reading the book and feeling transported by the story.

She realized that the waiting game wasn't so bad when she could fill the time with adventures and exploration through the pages of a book.

What did Lucy realize about the waiting game?

  • A) It's always boring.
  • B) It's better with adventures in books.
  • C) It never ends.
  • D) It's too difficult to wait.
Lucy understanding the waiting game isn't so bad with adventures in books.

Eventually, as the days went by, Lucy's fever subsided. She felt the familiar energy returning to her body and the longing to join her friends at school.

What did Lucy feel returning to her body?

  • A) Fever.
  • B) Tiredness.
  • C) Energy.
  • D) Boredom.
Lucy feeling her fever subsiding and the longing to join her friends at school.

With a smile, Lucy packed her bag, ready to embrace the school routine once again. She knew that the waiting game had taught her the power of patience.

What did Lucy learn from the waiting game?

  • A) The power of patience.
  • B) To rush things.
  • C) To never wait.
  • D) The boredom of waiting.
Lucy packing her bag, ready to go back to school, understanding patience.

As she walked through the school gates, she felt grateful for the time she had to wait. It had given her a new appreciation for every moment of learning and growing with her friends.

How did Lucy feel after returning to school?

  • A) Sad.
  • B) Grateful and appreciative.
  • C) Impatient.
  • D) Bored.
Lucy feeling grateful and appreciative after returning to school.

From that day on, Lucy made sure to always have a book by her side, knowing that even in moments of waiting, there were endless adventures waiting to unfold within the pages.

What did Lucy realize about having a book with her?

  • A) It's boring.
  • B) It's important for adventures.
  • C) It's unhelpful.
  • D) It's heavy.
Conclusion of the story, Lucy realizing the value of having a book with her.

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