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Out of this World - A Cosmic Adventure!

Zaid looked up at the night sky and wondered what was beyond the stars.

Point to the sky and say 'Wow, the stars are so beautiful!'

Zaid stares at the night sky in his backyard, gazing at the stars.

One night, a shooting star streaked across the darkness, leaving Zaid in awe.

Pretend to make a wish as you see the shooting star.

Zaid sees a shooting star and feels amazed by its beauty and mystery.

To his surprise, the shooting star landed in his yard, sparkling and glowing.

Imagine picking up the sparkling, glowing star from the yard.

The shooting star lands in Zaid's yard, shimmering and glowing brightly.

He reached out and touched it, and suddenly, he was surrounded by swirling colors.

Twirl around and show the swirling colors with your arms.

As Zaid touches the star, he finds himself surrounded by swirling, colorful lights.

The next thing he knew, he was on an alien planet, filled with strange plants and creatures.

Pretend to explore the alien planet, imitating the plants and creatures.

Zaid finds himself on an alien planet with weird plants and creatures.

A friendly alien greeted him and offered to show him around their extraordinary world.

Wave and say 'Hello!' to the friendly alien.

Zaid meets a friendly alien who wants to give him a tour of their extraordinary planet.

Zaid marveled at the sights, from rainbow rivers to floating jelly-like beings.

Express wonder by saying 'Wow, this is incredible!'

Zaid is amazed by the rainbow rivers and floating, jelly-like creatures.

After a fantastic journey, the alien helped Zaid find his way back home.

Hold out your hand and say 'Thank you' to the alien as a sign of gratitude.

Zaid has a fantastic journey and the alien helps him find his way back home.

As he held the glowing star once more, he returned to his yard, filled with wonder and stories to tell.

Flicker your fingers as if bringing stars back home and say 'What an incredible adventure!'

Zaid holds the glowing star and returns to his yard, amazed and eager to share his adventure.

From that day on, Zaid looked at the stars with a sparkle in his eye, knowing that wonders were out there.

Look up at the sky with a sparkle in your eyes and say 'I believe in wonders!'

Zaid now looks at the stars with a sparkle in his eyes, realizing there are wonders out there.

And whenever he saw a shooting star, he would smile, remembering his magical cosmic adventure.

Smile and make a wish as you see the shooting star.

Zaid smiles when he sees a shooting star, remembering his magical cosmic adventure.

The end

Say 'The end' with a smile and a satisfied expression.

End of the story

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