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Number Friends' Adventure to Learn

In the bright classroom of Numberland School, One felt lonely without a friend.

How did Number One feel?

  • A) Happy
  • B) Excited
  • C) Lonely
  • D) Angry
Classroom setting, Number One is feeling lonely.

Two hopped in, smiling wide. 'Hi One! Want to play and learn together?'

What did Two offer One?

  • A) A book
  • B) To learn together
  • C) A puzzle
  • D) A candy
Number Two joins One, offering friendship.

Together they formed Three, a bright, new student eager to join the class.

What new number did One and Two form?

  • A) Four
  • B) Six
  • C) Five
  • D) Three
One and Two join to form Three.

Number Four cheered from the corner, 'Let's count to ten! It'll be fun!'

What did Four want to do?

  • A) Play hide and seek
  • B) Count to ten
  • C) Draw pictures
  • D) Sing a song
Number Four encourages counting.

'One, Two, Three,' they began, each number joining in with a jump.

How did the numbers join the counting?

  • A) With a jump
  • B) With a high-five
  • C) With a dance
  • D) With a whisper
Numbers start counting, jumping in as they join.

When they reached Six, a problem arose – how could they continue?

What was the problem at Number Six?

  • A) They were too loud
  • B) They didn't know what came next
  • C) There was no room
  • D) It was time to go home
Numbers reached Six; they are puzzled.

'Remember the sequence,' advised Seven, 'it will guide us to ten.'

What did Seven advise to do?

  • A) To take a break
  • B) To remember the sequence
  • C) To start over
  • D) To split up
Seven gives a helpful hint.

Eight and Nine joined with a whoosh, grinning as the count grew close.

How did Eight and Nine feel?

  • A) Annoyed
  • B) Bored
  • C) Scared
  • D) Excited
Eight and Nine join the count, excitedly.

'And finally, Ten!' they all shouted, proud of their counting feat.

What did the numbers achieve?

  • A) Drawing a picture
  • B) Counting to ten
  • C) Building a tower
  • D) Writing their names
All numbers counted to Ten triumphantly.

One thanked all the numbers, 'Together, we’ve learned more than alone!'

What did One thank the numbers for?

  • A) For the party
  • B) For playing games
  • C) For learning together
  • D) For sharing snacks
One is thankful for teamwork.

They decided to meet every day, to play and learn new things.

What did the numbers decide to do?

  • A) Meet every day
  • B) Never meet again
  • C) Meet once a year
  • D) Meet online
All numbers decide to meet again regularly.

And from that day on, the numbers of Numberland were the best of friends.

What relationship did the numbers have at the end?

  • A) Teachers
  • B) Best friends
  • C) Competitors
  • D) Strangers
Numbers became best friends in Numberland.