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Numbers Adventure with Max and Ruby

Max and Ruby hopped quickly to the park. They saw one big red slide.

What did Max and Ruby see at the park?

  • A) A swing
  • B) A red slide
  • C) A picnic table
  • D) A sandbox
Max and Ruby, two rabbits, see a slide at the park.

Next, they saw two yellow swings swaying in the wind. 'One, two,' counted Max.

How many swings did Max count?

  • A) One
  • B) Two
  • C) Three
  • D) Four
They see two yellow swings and Max counts them.

Three loud ducks quacked by the pond. 'Look, Ruby!' said Max, pointing at them.

What animals did Max point to?

  • A) Cats
  • B) Dogs
  • C) Ducks
  • D) Fish
Max points out three ducks by the pond to Ruby.

Ruby saw four green frogs jumping. 'Hop, hop!' laughed Max, counting them too.

What did Ruby see jumping?

  • A) Bunnies
  • B) Frogs
  • C) Birds
  • D) Squirrels
Ruby sees four frogs, Max counts and laughs.

They played a game finding five blue butterflies. 'One, two, three, four, five!' said Ruby.

What color were the butterflies Ruby found?

  • A) Red
  • B) Yellow
  • C) Blue
  • D) Green
Play a game and find five butterflies.

Six shiny apples hung from the tree. 'Let's count and pick them!' Ruby suggested.

What do Max and Ruby decide to pick?

  • A) Oranges
  • B) Pears
  • C) Apples
  • D) Peaches
They find a tree with six apples to count and pick.

Seven colorful flowers danced in the breeze. Max sniffed them and smiled big.

What danced in the breeze?

  • A) Birds
  • B) Flags
  • C) Butterflies
  • D) Flowers
Seven flowers dancing, Max sniffs them.

Eight small pebbles lined the path. 'Let's collect these,' chirped Ruby excitedly.

What did Ruby want to collect?

  • A) Pebbles
  • B) Leaves
  • C) Seashells
  • D) Acorns
They see eight pebbles and decide to collect them.

Nine clouds floated in the sky. 'They look like cotton candy!' laughed Ruby.

What did the clouds look like to Ruby?

  • A) Candy bars
  • B) Cotton candy
  • C) Balloons
  • D) Pillows
They observe nine clouds that look like cotton candy.

Ten stars twinkled as the sun set. 'Wow!' both Max and Ruby gasped in awe.

What twinkled in the sky as the sun set?

  • A) Fireflies
  • B) Airplanes
  • C) Stars
  • D) Satellites
Ten stars appear as the sun sets.

After their number adventure, Max and Ruby had counted from one to ten.

What did Max and Ruby do on their adventure?

  • A) Learned to swim
  • B) Counted from one to ten
  • C) Played hide and seek
  • D) Found a treasure map
They finish their counting adventure, numbers one to ten.

Back home, Max drew a picture of their day, while Ruby wrote the numbers they learned.

What did Ruby write at home?

  • A) A story
  • B) A letter
  • C) The alphabet
  • D) The numbers they learned
Max draws, and Ruby writes the numbers at home.

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