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Nina's Number Quest

Nina sat with a frown, staring at her workbook. 'Numbers are tricky,' she thought.

What is Nina's problem?

  • A) She lost her workbook.
  • B) She doesn't understand numbers.
  • C) She doesn't like reading.
  • D) She loves numbers.
Curious girl with brown hair and hazel eyes at home, confused with math workbook

Her mom noticed her struggle. 'What if we go on a number quest?' she suggested.

Who suggests going on a number quest?

  • A) Nina's friend.
  • B) Nina's brother.
  • C) Nina's teacher.
  • D) Nina's mom.
Curious girl with brown hair and hazel eyes's mom proposes a number quest

Delighted, Nina agreed. She knew adventures were always filled with secret clues.

How does Nina feel about the number quest?

  • A) Scared.
  • B) Bored.
  • C) Excited.
  • D) Angry.
Curious girl with brown hair and hazel eyes excited about the number quest

They started in the kitchen. 'Let's count the apples in the basket,' her mom said.

Where does the number quest begin?

  • A) In the garden.
  • B) In the kitchen.
  • C) At the store.
  • D) In the school.
Starting quest in the kitchen with apples

'One, two, three, four, five. There are five apples!' Nina exclaimed with pride.

How many apples did Nina count?

  • A) Four.
  • B) Six.
  • C) Five.
  • D) Seven.
Curious girl with brown hair and hazel eyes counting apples successfully

Her mom pointed to the clock. 'Can you count the numbers up to twelve?'

What item are they using to count to twelve?

  • A) A watch.
  • B) A clock.
  • C) A calendar.
  • D) A dozen eggs.
Counting numbers on the clock

Nina counted each number, her finger following the clock's edge, feeling like a true explorer.

How is Nina counting the numbers?

  • A) Using a compass.
  • B) Pointing with her finger.
  • C) With a map.
  • D) Using stones.
Curious girl with brown hair and hazel eyes following the clock's numbers

'Now let's add numbers. If we have three spoons and two forks, how many are there in total?'

What is Nina learning to do with numbers now?

  • A) Subtract.
  • B) Multiply.
  • C) Divide.
  • D) Add.
Learning to add with spoons and forks

Carefully placing them side by side, Nina counted, 'One, two, three, four, five!'

How many utensils are there in total?

  • A) Three.
  • B) Five.
  • C) Two.
  • D) Six.
Counting spoons and forks together

'Brilliant! Now, if I eat one apple, how many will be left?' her mom asked playfully.

What does Nina's mom teach her next with the apples?

  • A) Division.
  • B) Subtraction.
  • C) Multiplication.
  • D) Fractions.
Learning subtraction with apples

Nina took a moment and then said, 'Four apples!' Her confidence was growing.

How many apples did Nina say were left?

  • A) Three.
  • B) Four.
  • C) Five.
  • D) Six.
Practicing subtraction successfully

'You're getting the hang of it,' cheered her mom. 'Numbers are everywhere, just keep looking!'

What did her mom tell Nina about numbers?

  • A) They are everywhere.
  • B) They are hard to find.
  • C) They are unnecessary.
  • D) They are only in books.
Encouragement from Curious girl with brown hair and hazel eyes's mom

With a big hug, Nina thanked her mom. 'Tomorrow, we'll explore even bigger numbers!' she beamed.

What does Nina plan to do the next day?

  • A) Look for more numbers.
  • B) Learn different subjects.
  • C) Play outside.
  • D) Write a story.
Ending the day with a plan for tomorrow

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