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Saul, The Secret Spider-Kid

In a quiet town, Saul sat in class, thinking about math. But he had a secret.

Pretend you're looking out the window, lost in thought.

Saul in class, daydreaming

After school, Saul heard a siren. He quickly hid and changed into Spiderman!

Put your hands to your ears like you hear a loud siren.

Saul hears a siren, transforms

Swinging from rooftops, he spotted bad guys robbing a bank. 'Time to stop them!'

Pretend to swing from building to building.

a young boy in a spiderman outfit on a roof

Saul landed near the bank. The robbers saw him and ran, but he was faster.

Run in place quickly.

a young boy in a spiderman outfit land outside of a bank

Thwip! He shot webs, trapping the robbers against the bank wall. 'You can't run anymore!'

Throw your hands forward like you're shooting webs.

a young boy in spiderman outfit catching bad guys

Police came and cheered. 'Thank you, Spiderman!' they shouted as Saul smiled.

Give a thumbs up and smile big.

Police arrive, thank Spiderman

The town was safe, but there was more trouble. Someone was stealing cars downtown!

Look surprised and concerned.

Saul still dressed as spiderman chasing bad guys

Saul sneaked around buildings, silently watching. 'I'll catch these thieves too!'

Tiptoe quietly and peer around an imaginary corner.

Spiderman stop a car with his webs

He leaped down, startling the bad guys. 'Caught you!' Saul yelled.

Jump down from an imaginary high place.

spiderman jumping off a building

With quick spins and jumps, he dodged their moves. 'Try and get me!' he teased.

Dodge left and right with quick moves.

Spiderman jumping over bad guy

A web here, a web there, and the thieves were stuck. 'Nowhere to go!' exclaimed Saul.

Pretend to spin webs around your room.

bad guys stuck in web

Saul heard clapping. It was his classmates! They didn't know his secret. 'Spiderman saves the day again!' they cheered.

Clap your hands and cheer.

Classmates cheer for Spiderman

Saul just winked and swung away. He felt proud. He was the Spider-Kid, hero of the day!

Wink and pretend to swing away on a web.

Saul leaves as a hero

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