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Alexis and the Pokémon Challenge

Alexis put on his red baseball hat and looked in the mirror. Today was the day he would begin his journey as a Pokémon Trainer. He had been waiting for this day for a very long time.

What is Alexis going to start today?

  • A) A new school year
  • B) A Pokémon Trainer journey
  • C) A vacation
  • D) A new sport
Alexis prepares to start his Pokémon Trainer journey.

Alexis’s first stop was Professor Willow's lab. The lab was full of books, gadgets, and a large machine in the middle that shimmered with light. He was here to get his first Pokémon!

Whose lab does Alexis visit?

  • A) Professor Oak's lab
  • B) Professor Elm's lab
  • C) Professor Willow's lab
  • D) Professor Birch's lab
Alexis arrives at Professor Willow's lab.

Among the Poké Balls, Alexis saw one that vibrated slightly. He reached out and as soon as he touched it, it popped open to reveal a bright-eyed Pikachu!

Which Pokémon did Alexis's Poké Ball contain?

  • A) Charmander
  • B) Squirtle
  • C) Bulbasaur
  • D) Pikachu
Alexis selects his first Pokémon, Pikachu.

With Pikachu by his side, Alexis set out into the tall grass beyond his hometown. Along the path, he felt nervous but excited. What Pokémon would he meet first?

Who is traveling with Alexis?

  • A) A friend
  • B) His brother
  • C) Pikachu
  • D) No one
Alexis begins his journey into the wild with Pikachu.

Suddenly, a wild Pidgey appeared! Alexis knew this was his chance. He sent Pikachu into battle, and with a few quick moves, Pidgey was ready to be caught.

What kind of Pokémon does Alexis encounter?

  • A) Pidgey
  • B) Rattata
  • C) Zubat
  • D) Caterpie
Alexis encounters a wild Pidgey and battles it.

Alexis threw a Poké Ball, and with a flash of light, Pidgey was his. Every trainer had their own technique, and Alexis was developing his. Pikachu cheered, they made a great team.

How does Alexis catch the Pidgey?

  • A) Using a net
  • B) Throwing a stone
  • C) Throwing a Poké Ball
  • D) Luring it with food
Alexis catches Pidgey, demonstrating his skill.

As they continued on their journey, Alexis pondered what lay ahead. He thought of gym battles, new friends, and the vast world of Pokémon that awaited him and Pikachu.

What is Alexis thinking about?

  • A) Going home
  • B) Gym battles and adventures
  • C) Quitting as a trainer
  • D) Starting a different hobby
Alexis ponders his future as a Pokémon Trainer.

Alexis came upon a small town with a Pokémon Center. He decided to rest and let Pikachu recover from the day’s excitements. Nurse Joy greeted them warmly and took care of Pikachu.

Who takes care of Pikachu at the Pokémon Center?

  • A) Officer Jenny
  • B) Nurse Joy
  • C) A friendly trainer
  • D) Professor Willow
Alexis stops at a Pokémon Center to rest and recover.

With Pikachu feeling refreshed, Alexis stepped back outside. He heard rumors of a Pokémon Gym in the next town over and felt a jolt of excitement. That would be their first real test!

What does Alexis hear about the next town?

  • A) A big festival
  • B) A library
  • C) A Pokémon Gym
  • D) A music concert
Alexis hears about a Pokémon Gym in the next town.

That night, Alexis and Pikachu camped under the stars. They talked about their dreams and the Pokémon they would meet. Alexis felt lucky to have Pikachu as his partner.

Where do Alexis and Pikachu spend the night?

  • A) In a hotel
  • B) At home
  • C) Under the stars
  • D) In a Pokémon Center
Alexis and Pikachu bond during their camping night.

The next morning, Alexis packed up his tent and set out toward the gym. Pikachu ran ahead, eager and ready. Alexis smiled, knowing that no matter what, their adventure was just beginning.

Where are Alexis and Pikachu heading?

  • A) To the beach
  • B) Towards the Pokémon Gym
  • C) Back home
  • D) To a Pokémon contest
Alexis and Pikachu set out for their first gym battle.

As the gym loomed in the distance, Alexis felt a rush of nerves and excitement. He adjusted his red hat, took a deep breath, and with Pikachu by his side, they entered together, ready for battle.

What feeling does Alexis experience as he nears the gym?

  • A) Sickness
  • B) Boredom
  • C) Excitement
  • D) Anger
Alexis and Pikachu arrive at the Pokémon Gym, ready for their challenge.

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