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Karen Counts to Five

Karen wakes up. Today is school day.

Pretend to stretch like you just woke up.

Karen starting her day in her bedroom.

Karen eats breakfast. Yummy apple and toast!

Pretend to eat an apple.

Karen having breakfast in the kitchen.

Karen grabs her bag. She feels happy.

Smile big like you are excited for school.

Karen ready for school, smiling with her bag.

Karen walks to school. Sun is bright.

Pretend to put on sunglasses because it's sunny.

Karen walking to school on a sunny day.

Karen says hi to her teacher, Mr. Lee.

Wave and say 'Hi, Mr. Lee!'

Karen greeting her teacher at school.

Karen sits with a red crayon.

Pretend to color with a red crayon.

Karen sitting at her desk with a crayon.

One. Karen draws one big circle.

Draw a big circle in the air with your finger.

Karen sitting at her desk, drawing a circle.

Two. Karen draws two happy cats.

Hold up two fingers and meow like a cat.

Karen continues drawing. She draws two cats.

Three. She imagines Three ducks and then 4

Quack three times like a duck.

Karen counts 3 ducks

Karen is happy she can count to 4

Twinkle your fingers like four shining stars.

Karen counts to 4 on her fingers

Five. Karen draws five round apples.

Pretend to pick five apples from a tree.

Karen has 1,2,3,4,5 apples

School day ends. Karen counts to five!

Hold up your hand and count each finger to five.

Karen hold us her hand and shows 5 fingers

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