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Numbers Adventure with Timmy

It was a sunny day in Numberland, and Timmy was feeling extra curious. 'Today,' he said, 'I will learn about numbers!'

What did Timmy decide to learn about?

  • A) Letters
  • B) Shapes
  • C) Colors
  • D) Numbers
Timmy in Numberland, decides to learn numbers.

First, Timmy met One. She was jumping just once each time. 'One hop for One!' she cheered.

How many times did One jump?

  • A) Two
  • B) Three
  • C) One
  • D) Four
Timmy meets the number One, who jumps once.

Next, Timmy saw Two. He was tapping his foot twice. 'Tap, tap!' said Two. 'That's what I like to do!'

What did Two like to do?

  • A) Jump
  • B) Sing
  • C) Tap twice
  • D) Run
Timmy encounters Two, who taps his foot twice.

Three was next, with a waltz and a spin. 'Dancing thrice is how I win!' she laughed.

How does Three like to dance?

  • A) Twice
  • B) Thrice
  • C) Four times
  • D) Once
Three dances with three spins.

Four had four blocks, building towers. 'Each tower gets four, no less, no more!' he said with pride.

How many blocks does each of Four's towers have?

  • A) Three
  • B) Five
  • C) Six
  • D) Four
Four is building towers with four blocks each.

In a garden of flowers, Five was alive. She picked five blossoms, as bees buzzed in hives.

How many blossoms did Five pick?

  • A) Five
  • B) Four
  • C) Six
  • D) Seven
Five is picking flowers; bees are buzzing.

Six was a beekeeper, with six buzzing friends. 'They make hexagon honey at the week's end,' he grinned.

What shape is the honeycomb the bees make?

  • A) Square
  • B) Circle
  • C) Hexagon
  • D) Triangle
Six is a beekeeper with six bees.

Seven swam in a river, her strokes were divine. 'Seven laps make me feel just fine,' she chimed.

How many laps does Seven swim to feel fine?

  • A) Seven
  • B) Eight
  • C) Six
  • D) Five
Seven is swimming seven laps in a river.

Eight was an octopus, with eight legs to show. 'I can juggle eight shells, watch them go!' he boasted.

How many legs does Eight have?

  • A) Six
  • B) Seven
  • C) Eight
  • D) Nine
Eight the octopus juggles eight shells.

Nine was a baker, with nine treats to bake. 'Nine pies, cakes, and cookies on my plate!' she sang.

What does Nine like to bake?

  • A) Pies, cakes, and cookies
  • B) Bread
  • C) Brownies
  • D) Muffins
Nine the baker has nine treats to bake.

Last was Ten, organizing a game. 'I count ten friends to play, what's your name?' he asked Timmy.

How many friends did Ten count for the game?

  • A) Eight
  • B) Nine
  • C) Ten
  • D) Eleven
Ten is organizing a game with ten friends.

Timmy was thrilled, with numbers he'd met, from One to Ten in the Numberland set. 'Now I know numbers, each one a new friend!' Timmy beamed.

How many new friends did Timmy make in Numberland?

  • A) Five
  • B) Eight
  • C) Ten
  • D) Twelve
Timmy is happy after meeting numbers One to Ten.

He counted them once, then counted again. He smiled as he reached the count of ten. 'Thank you, numbers, for the fun day,' Timmy waved goodbye.

What did Timmy do to show he learned the numbers?

  • A) He danced
  • B) He drew pictures
  • C) He counted to ten
  • D) He sang a song
Timmy counts to ten and says goodbye to his friends.

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