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Black Cinderella's Responsibility at School

Once upon a time, in a sunny schoolyard, Black Cinderella waved goodbye to her fairy godmother.

Introduction: Cinderella in schoolyard saying goodbye, sunny weather, fairy godmother

In her class, Black Cinderella solved 5 puzzles to help her animal friends find their way home.

Math puzzle: Solving 5 puzzles in class for animal friends

During recess, Black Cinderella shared her lunch with a kind friend who forgot theirs. She felt happy.

Social responsibility: Sharing lunch with a friend during recess

In art class, Black Cinderella painted 3 red apples, 4 blue birds, and 2 yellow suns. How many in total?

Math problem: Painting red apples, blue birds, and yellow suns, simple addition

At storytelling time, Black Cinderella read a book to tiny mice, teaching them about shapes and colors.

Teaching shapes and colors through storytelling, tiny mice, reading

Black Cinderella helped her teacher clean the classroom. She smiled, feeling proud of her responsibility.

Responsibility: Helping teacher clean classroom, feeling proud

During a game, Black Cinderella counted 7 jumping ropes. Some friends joined, making it 10. How many more friends joined?

Math problem: Counting jumping ropes, addition with friends joining

After school, Black Cinderella walked home, holding her backpack tightly as she sang with chirping birds.

Ending: Walking home, holding backpack, singing with chirping birds

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