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Tommy's Number Adventure
Tommy sat on the grass and counted the stars in the sky. He found a way to remember them.


What was Tommy trying to remember?

  • A) The numbers from one to ten
  • B) The numbers from ten to twenty
  • C) The names of different animals
  • D) The colors of the stars
Tommy under the starry sky, thinking hard.
The next morning, Tommy lined up ten colorful balls. Each ball had a number on it. He pointed to each ball as he said the numbers out loud.


What did each colorful ball have on it?

  • A) A letter
  • B) A shape
  • C) A color
  • D) A number
Tommy in the backyard with ten colorful balls, pointing at them and saying numbers.
Then, Tommy used the balls to count different things around the yard. He counted the flowers, the rocks, and even the birds flying by.


What did Tommy use the colorful balls to count?

  • A) His friends
  • B) Different things around the yard
  • C) His toys
  • D) His favorite foods
Tommy counting flowers, rocks, and birds in the yard using the colorful balls.
After playing outside, Tommy went indoors. He saw a clock on the wall. Tommy looked at the numbers and tried to read the time.


Where did Tommy see the numbers on the clock?

  • A) On the floor
  • B) On the TV
  • C) On the wall
  • D) On the bed
Tommy looking at a clock on the wall, trying to read the time.
Tommy's mom helped by explaining how the numbers on the clock showed the hours and the minutes. Tommy listened carefully and tried to read the time again.


What did Tommy's mom help him understand about the clock?

  • A) How to cook
  • B) How to tell time
  • C) How to count money
  • D) How to play a game
Tommy and his mom in the living room, looking at the clock together.
The next day, Tommy helped his dad fix the fence. His dad asked for five nails, so Tommy counted out the nails one by one.


What did Tommy help his dad fix?

  • A) The car
  • B) The fence
  • C) The toy
  • D) The boat
Tommy and his dad fixing the fence, with Tommy counting out nails.
After helping his dad, Tommy and his mom went grocery shopping. Tommy saw different numbers on the price tags. He looked at the numbers and matched them with the items in the cart.


What did Tommy match with the different numbers on the price tags?

  • A) Letters
  • B) Colors
  • C) Items in the cart
  • D) Shapes
Tommy and his mom in the grocery store, looking at price tags and matching them with items in the cart.
At home, Tommy helped his mom bake cookies. They followed a recipe that had numbers for the measurements. Tommy poured and counted the ingredients carefully.


What did the recipe have numbers for?

  • A) The steps to bake cookies
  • B) The time to bake cookies
  • C) The colors of the cookies
  • D) The measurements of ingredients
Tommy and his mom in the kitchen, following a recipe and counting ingredients.
After a fun day, Tommy said goodnight to everyone in his room. He then counted his toys, teddies, and books before going to sleep.


What did Tommy count before going to sleep?

  • A) The stars
  • B) His friends
  • C) His toys, teddies, and books
  • D) His favorite foods
Tommy in his room, saying goodnight and counting his toys, teddies, and books.

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