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The Young Wizard's First Spell

Once upon a time, in a magical forest, there lived a young wizard named Finn. He was eager to cast his first spell and make his mark in the world of magic.

What is the name of the young wizard?

  • A) A. Ben
  • B) B. Finn
  • C) C. Sam
  • D) D. Max
Magical forest, Young wizard, brown hair, bright blue eyes the young wizard

Finn had studied the ancient book of spells for months. He was finally ready to try his hand at creating magic. He cleared a space in the forest and gathered his ingredients.

What did Finn study for months?

  • A) A. Ancient book of recipes
  • B) B. Ancient book of spells
  • C) C. Ancient map of the forest
  • D) D. Ancient book of myths
Young wizard, brown hair, bright blue eyes preparing to cast his first spell

With a wave of his wand and a chant of the magic words, Finn felt a surge of power. But instead of sparks and flames, all he managed to create was a small puff of smoke. He hadn't given up though; he was determined to improve.

What did Finn create with his first spell?

  • A) A. Sparks and flames
  • B) B. Small puff of smoke
  • C) C. Sparkly lights
  • D) D. Loud bang
Young wizard, brown hair, bright blue eyes casting his first spell with wand

As the sun set on the magical forest, Finn realized that magic takes time and patience to master. He promised himself to keep practicing, knowing that with dedication, he would become a great wizard one day.

What did Finn promise himself?

  • A) A. Never to try magic again
  • B) B. To keep practicing magic
  • C) C. To find a new hobby
  • D) D. To give up on becoming a wizard
Sun setting on the magical forest, Young wizard, brown hair, bright blue eyes's determination

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