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Super Kevin's Mighty Mischief

In a bright town filled with laughs and fun, Kevin was no ordinary guy. He had a secret. Kevin was a superhero with strength so mighty, he could lift cars with one hand!

Show me how you would lift something heavy like a superhero!

Introduction to Kevin, superhero with incredible strength in a happy town.

Kevin loved helping people. His short hair would flutter as he zoomed to those in need. With a laugh, he'd save the day, flexing his strong muscles.

Pretend to fly fast to someone who needs help!

Kevin using his strength to help people around town.

But sometimes, superheroes get hungry, too. One sunny day, Kevin's tummy rumbled. He wanted a treat, so he went to the ice cream store.

Rub your tummy like you're really hungry for a treat!

Kevin feels hungry and heads to the ice cream store.

At the store, Kevin couldn't choose just one flavor. So, he ate them all! Scoop by scoop, the ice cream vanished.

Pretend to eat a big scoop of your favorite ice cream.

Kevin in the ice cream store eating all the flavors.

Next, Kevin smelled something sweet. It was the bakery! Inside, there were cookies everywhere. Kevin couldn't resist. He ate every single one.

Act like you're tasting different delicious cookies.

Kevin visits the bakery and eats all the cookies.

Still hungry, Kevin's nose led him to the pizza store. It smelled amazing! He ate pizza after pizza until there was no more.

Pretend you are eating a hot slice of pizza.

Kevin at the pizza store eating all the pizza.

After eating so much, Kevin realized he had made a mess. The stores were empty, and the owners were sad. He knew he had to fix things.

Make a sad face, thinking about the mess.

Kevin sees the trouble he's caused and acknowledges his mistake.

Using his super strength for good, Kevin quickly went to work. He repaired the ice cream store first, making it even nicer than before!

Flex your muscles like you're repairing something.

IKevin in superhero costume fixing a window

Next, he zoomed to the bakery. With a smile and a whirl, he baked new cookies, filling the store with delightful smells.

Pretend to mix cookie dough and bake cookies.

Kevin bakes new cookies at the bakery.

Finally, at the pizza store, Kevin spun dough in the air. He made mountains of pizzas, all with different toppings.

Toss imaginary pizza dough in the air like a chef.

Kevin putting pizza in boxes

The owners cheered, and the townsfolk clapped. Kevin had saved the day once again! He promised to be a good superhero.

Clap your hands and cheer for Super Kevin!

Store owners and townsfolk are happy for Kevin's help.

And from that day on, Kevin only used his powers for good. He helped, he laughed, and though he still loved treats, he made sure to share.

Give a thumbs up for sharing and being kind!

Kevin learns to use his powers responsibly and to share.

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