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Countdown to Summer Break

The last bell of the school year would ring in just one week. Mia and her friends had been counting down the days to summer break. The classroom was buzzing with excitement as they planned their summer adventures.

How long until summer break starts for Mia and her friends?

  • A) One day
  • B) One week
  • C) One month
  • D) Tomorrow
Mia anticipates summer break in a lively classroom.

Mrs. Parker, their teacher, had prepared a special summer countdown calendar on the wall. Each day, a lucky student was chosen to cross off a day. Today was Mia's turn, and her heart leaped with joy.

Who made the summer countdown calendar?

  • A) The principal
  • B) Mia
  • C) Mrs. Parker
  • D) Mia's friends
Special calendar in class, Mia's turn to cross off a day.

After crossing off the day, Mrs. Parker announced, 'Class, to celebrate the approach of summer, we are going to create a 'Dream Summer Journal' during our writing time.' The class cheered, and Mia already had so many ideas.

What did Mrs. Parker announce to the class?

  • A) A surprise test
  • B) A trip to the zoo
  • C) Creating a 'Dream Summer Journal'
  • D) Summer break was cancelled
Dream Summer Journal project announced.

Mia thought about her journal. 'I want to swim with dolphins,' she wrote. She continued to write about camping in the mountains and eating ice cream on the hottest days.

What is one activity Mia wants to do during summer?

  • A) Ski in the snow
  • B) Swim with dolphins
  • C) Fly a kite
  • D) Study for school
Mia writes her summer wishes in the journal.

While Mia daydreamed about her summer plans, her friend Jamal drew a picture of a beach. He added a giant sandcastle with a flag that had his name fluttering at the top.

What did Jamal add to his sandcastle drawing?

  • A) A moat
  • B) Shells
  • C) A flag with his name
  • D) A sunbathing turtle
Jamal draws a beach with a sandcastle in his journal.

Lena, another friend, wrote about visiting her grandparents' farm. She wanted to help feed the chickens and ride the horses. Then she sketched a horse with a long, flowing mane.

Where does Lena want to visit during the summer?

  • A) The beach
  • B) A city
  • C) A farm
  • D) A theme park
Lena's journal entry about her grandparents' farm.

On the next day, Mrs. Parker asked the students to think about books they wanted to read over the summer. Mia loved mysteries, while Jamal preferred stories about pirates. Lena was interested in books about animals.

What kind of books does Mia enjoy reading?

  • A) Mysteries
  • B) Pirate stories
  • C) Animal books
  • D) Science fiction
Discussing summer reading preferences in class.

Mia's list of mystery books kept growing. She loved solving puzzles and uncovering secrets in the stories. She couldn't wait to visit the library and check out the first book on her list.

What does Mia plan to do at the library?

  • A) Check out a mystery book
  • B) Watch a movie
  • C) Sing in a choir
  • D) Play video games
Mia makes a list of mystery books for summer reading.

Jamal had already found a pirate book series he liked. It was about a young pirate named Captain Jake who traveled across the seven seas, looking for treasure. Jamal imagined himself as Captain Jake's brave first mate.

Who is the main character in Jamal's pirate book series?

  • A) Pirate Sam
  • B) Captain Phillips
  • C) Captain Hook
  • D) Captain Jake
Jamal is excited about a pirate book series.

Lena's favorite animal book was about a girl who could talk to animals. She helped them solve problems and find their way home. Lena wished she had that power. She even began to learn horse communication from her grandpa.

What power does the girl in Lena's book have?

  • A) Flying
  • B) Invisibility
  • C) Talking to animals
  • D) Super strength
Lena admires a book about a girl who talks to animals.

As summertime dreams filled the classroom, Mrs. Parker had one last surprise. 'Since everyone worked so hard this year,' she said with a smile, 'we are going to have a summer kick-off party on the last day of school!'

What surprise does Mrs. Parker reveal to the class?

  • A) Extra homework for summer
  • B) A class pet
  • C) A summer kick-off party
  • D) A surprise quiz
Mrs. Parker announces a summer kick-off party.

Mia, Jamal, and Lena couldn't contain their joy. They began sharing ideas for the party. 'We should have ice cream,' said Mia. 'And a treasure hunt,' added Jamal. Lena suggested a petting zoo corner with farm animals.

What did Lena suggest for the party?

  • A) A dance competition
  • B) A costume parade
  • C) A magic show
  • D) A petting zoo corner
Kids suggest ideas for the summer kick-off party.

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