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Xiao Zhu Zhu's Big Toy
Xiao Zhu Zhu's Big Toy
Xiao Zhu Zhu is a little pig. He is very happy.


What is the name of the little pig?

  • A) Xiao Zhu Zhu
  • B) Da Zhu Zhu
  • C) Xiao Mao Mao
  • D) Da Mao Mao
Introduction of the character Xiao Zhu Zhu, who is happy.
He wakes up in his pink bed. The sun is up.


What color is Xiao Zhu Zhu's bed?

  • A) Blue
  • B) Green
  • C) Pink
  • D) Yellow
Xiao Zhu Zhu wakes up in his bedroom.
Xiao Zhu Zhu brushes his teeth. Brush, brush, brush.


What does Xiao Zhu Zhu do with his teeth?

  • A) Eats
  • B) Sings
  • C) Brushes
  • D) Reads
Xiao Zhu Zhu brushing his teeth, showing routine.
He eats bread. He drinks milk. Yum!


What does Xiao Zhu Zhu drink?

  • A) Juice
  • B) Water
  • C) Milk
  • D) Tea
Xiao Zhu Zhu having breakfast.
He has a toy. It is big. It is an excavator.


What kind of toy does Xiao Zhu Zhu have?

  • A) Car
  • B) Excavator
  • C) Plane
  • D) Train
Introducing Xiao Zhu Zhu's excavator toy.
Xiao Zhu Zhu sits. He thinks hard.


What does Xiao Zhu Zhu do before he plays?

  • A) Dances
  • B) Runs
  • C) Thinks
  • D) Yells
Xiao Zhu Zhu trying to figure out how to play with the excavator.
He pushes a button. The excavator moves!


What happens when Xiao Zhu Zhu pushes a button?

  • A) It flies
  • B) It moves
  • C) It swims
  • D) It sleeps
Xiao Zhu Zhu operating the excavator.
It is hard. But Xiao Zhu Zhu tries again.


What does Xiao Zhu Zhu do when it's hard?

  • A) Cries
  • B) Tries again
  • C) Gives up
  • D) Sleeps
Showing Xiao Zhu Zhu's determination.
He waits. He is calm. He tries once more.


How does Xiao Zhu Zhu feel when trying again?

  • A) Angry
  • B) Calm
  • C) Sad
  • D) Excited
Xiao Zhu Zhu is patient and tries operating the toy again.
The arm lifts up. The dirt dumps out.


What does the excavator arm do?

  • A) It paints
  • B) It lifts up
  • C) It swings
  • D) It bounces
Successful operation of the excavator's arm by Xiao Zhu Zhu.
Xiao Zhu Zhu smiles. He did it!

Xiao Zhu Zhu smiles. He did it!

How does Xiao Zhu Zhu feel after he did it?

  • A) Tired
  • B) Angry
  • C) Happy
  • D) Hungry
Xiao Zhu Zhu is happy about his success with the excavator.
Play. Learn. Try. Fun day with toys!


What does Xiao Zhu Zhu have with his toys?

  • A) A bad day
  • B) A scary day
  • C) A sad day
  • D) A fun day
Closing page with Xiao Zhu Zhu playing happily.

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