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Karen's Sunny Day at the Beach

Once upon a time, little Karen put on her bright yellow swimsuit. 'Today will be sunny!' she cheered.

Pretend to put on a swimsuit.

Karen is excited, getting ready for the beach.

With her sunhat on her head, Karen stepped onto the warm sand. She smiled, feeling the grains tickle her toes.

Wiggle your toes as if feeling sand.

Karen arrives at the beach, feeling the sand.

Karen built a sandy castle with towers tall. She topped each with a seashell. 'Look at my castle!' she exclaimed.

Pretend to build a sandcastle.

Karen is building a sandcastle on the beach.

Waves danced towards the shore, whispering secrets. Karen listened, her eyes wide with wonder.

Cup your ear and pretend to listen to the waves.

Karen is near the water, listening to the waves.

Carefully, Karen stepped into the water. It was cool and gentle, hugging her ankles with every wave.

Step in place as if entering water.

Karen steps into the shallow water.

Splish! Splash! A friendly dog ran by, shaking water everywhere. Karen giggled as droplets kissed her cheeks.

Laugh and pretend to feel water splashes.

A little girl with glasses at the beach petting a dog

Suddenly, a big wave came rolling in. It grew and grew, then... WHOOSH! It splashed all around Karen!

Lift your arms high and bring them down like a big wave.

A big wave splashes Karen in the water.

After the surprise, Karen found herself laughing. 'That was fun!' she said, shaking off water like the dog.

Shake your body as if drying off water.

Karen laughs after getting splashed by the wave.

Time for a picnic! Karen sat on a cozy blanket. She munched on a juicy apple. 'Yum!' she hummed.

Pretend to eat a crunchy apple.

Karen is having a picnic, eating an apple.

Karen shared her apple with a new friend, a tiny crab. 'Hello, Mr. Crab!' she whispered kindly.

Hold out your hand as if offering food to a tiny crab.

Karen shares her apple with a crab.

The sun started to say goodbye, painting the sky in colors. 'It's like my drawing,' Karen smiled.

Smile and wave goodbye to the sun.

The sun is setting, Karen reflects on her day.

With a heart full of joy, Karen hugged her mommy and daddy. 'I love the beach,' she said, 'Can we come back soon?'

Give yourself a big, loving hug.

Karen hugs her parents, happy after her beach day.

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