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Alexis and the Dragon's Journey

Once upon a time, in a land of towering mountains, there lived a brave child named Alexis. Alexis had a best friend unlike any other - a majestic dragon with scales shimmering like emeralds.

What is special about Alexis's best friend?

  • A) It is a talking cat.
  • B) It is a sparkling fish.
  • C) It is a shimmering dragon.
  • D) It is a giant eagle.
Introduction to Alexis and his dragon in a mountainous land.

Alexis climbed onto the dragon's back, ready for an adventure. With a mighty leap, they took to the skies, soaring above the highest peaks.

Where do Alexis and the dragon go?

  • A) They dive into the ocean.
  • B) They climb a tree.
  • C) They go under a bridge.
  • D) They soar above the mountains.
Alexis begins the adventure by flying with the dragon.

The wind whistled through the air as they flew over the craggy cliffs. Below them, wild forests stretched out like a sea of green.

What did Alexis see below?

  • A) A sea of green forests.
  • B) Vast sandy deserts.
  • C) Busy city streets.
  • D) Wide open plains.
Alexis views the scenery while flying: forests and cliffs.

As they advanced, Alexis spotted a kingdom with golden rooftops shining in the sunlight. It was unlike anything Alexis had ever seen.

What color were the rooftops in the kingdom?

  • A) Silver
  • B) Golden
  • C) Bronze
  • D) Blue
Alexis sees a kingdom with golden rooftops.

Curious, Alexis guided the dragon lower for a better look. They observed farmers working in the fields, and children playing in the streets.

What were the children doing?

  • A) They were playing.
  • B) They were sleeping.
  • C) They were studying.
  • D) They were fishing.
Alexis explores the kingdom activities: farmers and playing children.

Alexis marveled at the bustling marketplace, smelling of fresh bread and herbs. The dragon hovered, entranced by the delicious scents.

What could Alexis smell in the marketplace?

  • A) Fresh bread and herbs.
  • B) Chocolate and flowers.
  • C) Ocean breeze and fish.
  • D) Pine trees and smoke.
Exploring the kingdom's marketplace and its smells.

Beyond the kingdom, they encountered a range of snow-capped mountains. Alexis felt a chill as the air grew colder.

What kind of mountains did Alexis and the dragon find?

  • A) Desert hills.
  • B) Misty hills.
  • C) Lush green hills.
  • D) Snow-capped mountains.
Journey continues over snow-capped mountains and cold air.

With a swoop, the dragon descended into a valley where a river twinkled like diamonds. Alexis saw fish leaping from the water.

What did Alexis see in the river?

  • A) Crocodiles.
  • B) Boats.
  • C) Leaping fish.
  • D) Swimming birds.
Descent into a valley with a sparkling river and fish.

Crossing the valley led them to another kingdom, with walls of stone and towers that reached for the sky. Alexis waved at the guards on patrol.

What did the towers in the new kingdom reach for?

  • A) The clouds.
  • B) The forest canopy.
  • C) The sky.
  • D) The birds.
They find another kingdom with stone walls and towering spires.

The dragon's shadow passed over the town square, where a festival was in full swing. Music and laughter filled the air, enticing them to stay.

What was happening in the town square?

  • A) A battle.
  • B) A festival.
  • C) A coronation.
  • D) A market day.
Observing a festival with music and laughter.

But the adventure was not over. The dragon rose higher, and they set off once more. Alexis knew that each kingdom had stories to tell.

What did Alexis believe about the kingdoms?

  • A) They were all the same.
  • B) They were unfriendly.
  • C) They had stories to tell.
  • D) They had hidden treasures.
Continuing their journey to discover more.

As the sun began to set, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, Alexis felt grateful. Together with the dragon, they had found wonders beyond their wildest dreams.

How did the sky look as the sun set?

  • A) Orange and pink.
  • B) Blue and grey.
  • C) Green and yellow.
  • D) Purple and black.
The journey's end with a sunset and feelings of gratitude.

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