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Karen's Summer Adventure

One sunny morning, Karen looked out the window, her eyes full of wonder.

Pretend you're looking out a window into a bright sunny day.

Karen gazes outside, morning light fills her room.

She thought about the summer days ahead. What adventures could she have?

Put your hand on your chin and imagine your perfect summer day.

Karen is pensive, thinking of summer possibilities.

Maybe she could learn to swim? The water always seemed so exciting!

Pretend you're splashing water with your hands.

Karen considers swimming, enthused about the water.

Or perhaps she would go to the park and make new friends.

Stand up and wave hello to an imaginary friend.

Karen's excited about playing in the park.

Karen's mother suggested a summer reading challenge at the library.

Hold your hands as if you're opening a magical book.

Karen's mom introduces the idea of a reading challenge.

Books could take her to places she's never been, full of dragons and fairies!

Flutter your hands around you like the wings of a flying fairy.

Karen marvels at the thought of fantastical stories.

Karen liked the idea. She could read books and also listen to stories.

Cup your ear as if you're hearing an amazing story.

Karen is happy about reading and listening to stories.

She could visit the zoo and see all the animals she read about.

Make your best lion roar or monkey sound.

Karen thinks about seeing zoo animals like in her books.

Summer was also perfect for picnics with family and delicious treats.

Pretend you're eating your favorite picnic snack.

Karen dreams of picnics under the summer sky.

She could learn to ride a bike! With wheels, she'd be free to explore.

Pretend you're pedaling a bike, fast and free!

Karen imagines riding a bike with glee.

Maybe she could plant a garden and watch it grow day by day.

Pretend to plant seeds and water them with care.

Karen's interest in gardening blooms.

So many choices for Karen. This summer would be truly special!

Clap your hands with joy for the summer days to come.

Karen is excited, a summer of plans laid before her.

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