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Reem's Birthday Surprise

Reem is three today. Happy day!

Clap your hands for Reem's birthday!

Reem is smiling, family in a decorated room.

Mama bakes a cake. Yum yum!

Pretend to stir a big bowl of cake batter.

Mama and Reem are baking a cake

Daddy blows up balloons. Pop! Pop!

Pretend to blow up a big balloon.

Birthday balloons

Maha has a gift for Reem.

Give someone a pretend present.

Little sister Maha (17-month-old) gives Reem a gift

Reem opens the gift. A doll!

Act surprised like Reem.

Reem opening a present to reveal a doll.

They play with the doll. Fun time!

Pretend to hug a doll.

Reem and Maha playing with the new doll.

Maha falls. Oh no! She cries.

Make a sad face like Maha.

Reem is hugging her little sister Maha

Reem hugs Maha. Maha smiles.

Pretend to give someone a gentle hug.

Reem is blowing the birthday candle

It's cake time! Light the candle.

Pretend to blow out a candle.

The young family (mom, dad, little sister ) are singing happy birthday song to Reem

They sing loud, 'Happy Birthday Reem!'

Sing along, 'Happy Birthday!'

Reem is sharing cake with her little sister

Reem shares her cake. So kind!

Pretend to share a piece of cake.

Reem and Maha are smiling, family in a decorated room.

Happy day ends. Big hugs! Good night.

Give yourself a big hug for bedtime.

Reem is has a nice small nose with small lips