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Chef Sarah's Surprise

Sarah yawned and stretched as sunlight peeked through her window. It seemed like any other morning until she noticed a shiny chef's hat on her desk.

What did Sarah find in her room when she woke up?

  • A) A shiny chef's hat
  • B) A new pair of glasses
  • C) A soccer ball
  • D) A book
Sarah wakes up to find a chef’s hat in her room.

She paused, confused. Then she remembered the cooking video she made for fun, which she posted online last night. Sarah never thought her simple chicken curry would become an instant hit.

What did Sarah post online?

  • A) A dance video
  • B) A singing recording
  • C) A cooking video
  • D) A video game stream
Sarah recalls posting a cooking video online.

On her phone were hundreds of messages and notifications. 'Congratulations, Sarah!' one read. 'Your chicken curry looks delicious!' said another. She was amazed.

How did Sarah know her video was a hit?

  • A) She received a trophy
  • B) She saw it on television
  • C) She got many messages and notifications
  • D) Her friend told her in person
Sarah discovers her video has gone viral.

As she scrolled, a particular message caught her eye. 'Dear Sarah, we've seen your amazing talent. How would you like your own cooking show?' It was from a TV producer!

Who offered Sarah her own cooking show?

  • A) A teacher
  • B) A TV producer
  • C) A famous chef
  • D) Her best friend
A TV producer offers Sarah her own show.

Nervous yet excited, Sarah nodded to herself. 'I can do this,' she whispered. The shy smile on her face grew as she imagined sharing her cooking with the whole world.

How did Sarah feel about the cooking show offer?

  • A) Scared and she refused
  • B) Nervous but excited
  • C) Confused and unsure
  • D) Angry and upset
Sarah feels nervous but decides to accept the opportunity.

Days later, with cameras around her, Sarah stood in a shiny kitchen studio. 'Welcome to 'Sarah's Savory Bites!'' the director announced. Sarah took a deep breath as the camera light turned red.

What is the name of Sarah's cooking show?

  • A) 'Cooking with Sarah'
  • B) 'Chef Sarah's Challenge'
  • C) 'Sarah's Savory Bites'
  • D) 'The Great Sarah Cook-Off'
Sarah is on set ready to film her show.

She introduced herself and began cooking. The recipe was one she knew by heart, yet her hands trembled. One glance at her supportive family behind the cameras, and her confidence returned.

Who helped Sarah regain her composure?

  • A) The camera crew
  • B) The TV host
  • C) Her supportive family
  • D) The studio audience
Sarah starts cooking on camera with her family supporting her.

Soon, fragrant spices filled the air. She skillfully mixed the ingredients, explaining each step. The audience could practically taste the delicious chicken curry through their screens.

What was Sarah cooking on the show?

  • A) Spaghetti
  • B) Pizza
  • C) Chicken curry
  • D) Vegetable soup
Sarah cooks with skill and explains her recipe.

After adding the final garnish, she presented the dish with a flourish. The crew applauded, and she knew she had done well. Her heart swelled with pride as she bowed slightly to the camera.

What did the crew do after Sarah finished cooking?

  • A) They left the studio
  • B) They started cooking
  • C) They sat down to eat
  • D) They applauded
Sarah finishes her dish and receives applause.

The show was a success, and everyone praised her natural ability in the kitchen. 'I can't wait to see what you cook next!' the director said, smiling. Sarah beamed, feeling a sense of accomplishment.

What did the director say to Sarah?

  • A) 'Please clean the kitchen'
  • B) 'I can't wait to see what you cook next!'
  • C) 'You need more practice'
  • D) 'That wasn't very good'
The show is successful and Sarah is praised.

That night, lying in her bed, Sarah couldn't stop smiling. She had faced her fears, taught others her favorite recipe, and found a new joy in cooking on-screen. This was only the beginning.

What did Sarah teach others on the show?

  • A) Her favorite dance move
  • B) How to sing
  • C) Her favorite recipe
  • D) How to draw
Sarah reflects on her success and feels joy.

As Sarah drifted off to sleep, she dreamt of the many dishes she'd share with viewers. With each show, she'd grow more skillful and confident. Chef Sarah's journey had just begun, and the world was ready to savor every bite.

What is Sarah excited about for the future?

  • A) Sharing more recipes on her show
  • B) Playing video games
  • C) Going back to school
  • D) Learning to drive
Sarah dreams of future cooking adventures.