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Karen's Adventure in Whispers Park

One sunny morning, Karen put on her bright blue shoes and decided to explore.

Pretend you're putting on your adventure shoes.

Introduction to Karen setting out for an adventure, outdoors.

Outside, the birds chirped and the sun shone warmly on Karen's face as she walked.

Close your eyes and feel the sunlight on your face.

Karen feels the sun and hears the birds, starting her adventure.

She came across a hidden gate painted in gentle lavender, just like her glasses and hearing aid.

Pretend to open a creaky magical gate.

Karen finds a gate that leads to a magical place, same color as her accessories.

Inside was a playground like no other! Even the tall grass whispered, 'Welcome, Karen!'

Wave hello to the whispering grass.

Karen is welcomed by the magical playground.

First, she tried the shiny slide. It whooshed so fast, the wind laughed in her ears!

Hold onto your imaginary hat as you slide down fast!

Karen goes down a very fast slide, excitement.

Next, the swings beckoned her. Up and down they went, all by themselves!

Pretend to soar high on a magical swing.

Karen observes swings moving on their own.

Karen watched and listened. She understood the rhythm and jumped on a swing, giggling.

Bounce up and down gently like you're on a swing.

Karen gets the timing right and jumps on a swing.

With a push from the breeze, Karen swung higher, her laughter blending with the wind's.

Spread your arms wide like you're flying on a swing.

A gentle swing ride for Karen, powered by the wind.

After the swings, she found a treehouse with a friendly voice saying, 'Climb up, dear friend!'

Pretend to climb a ladder to the talking treehouse.

Karen is invited by a talking treehouse.

Inside the treehouse, everything was lavender. The walls hummed a sweet tune.

Hum a little tune like the treehouse walls.

Inside the treehouse, synchrony of color and sound.

Karen saw pictures on the wall. They showed children playing and listening to the playground.

Point to your ears to show you're ready to listen.

Pictures depicting children learning from the playground.

As the sun began to set, Karen knew it was time to go. 'Thank you,' she whispered.

Whisper 'Thank you' to the magical playground.

Karen thanks the playground and gets ready to leave.

Back through the gate, Karen felt happy. The magic had given her a wonderful day of listening fun.

Give yourself a big hug, just like Karen felt happy.

Karen leaves with happy memories of her adventure.

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