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Max's Solar Warp Adventure

Max stood in the sunny science lab, eyes wide with excitement. Today, he was going to create something amazing. On the table lay tools, wires, and shiny metal pieces. 'Time to make solar warp speed!' he cheered.

Max starts his adventure in the lab, ready to create.

He looked at the solar panel on the model rocket. 'This will catch the sun's power,' he thought. Max connected three shiny wires. 'Now, it needs a battery. How many do I need if I use two here and add one more?'

Max starts to fix a space rocket

With the batteries in place, he turned his focus to the speed controller. 'It has to spin just right,' he said, spinning it twice. 'What if I spin it one more time? How many spins is that?'

Max makes an even bigger spaceship that he fits in.

Next, Max looked at the light bulbs. 'One, two, three light bulbs. If one doesn't turn on, how many are left?' he wondered, screwing them in carefully.

Max is inside the spaceship

Scribbling in his notebook, Max drew a chart. 'Each bulb needs four energy points. How many points for three bulbs?' He counted on his fingers, smiling as he found the answer.

Max is on Mars with a giant cat.

After the math, it was time to test. Max flipped the switch, holding his breath. The bulbs flickered, but the machine stayed still. 'Hmm, not enough power,' he thought. 'I'll need to solve this puzzle.'

Max meets alien creatures.

He checked the panel. 'It gets ten rays of sun every hour. How many in two hours?' He needed more power. 'If I angle it more... yes, that could work!'

Max solves a multiplication problem with sunlight hours.

Max found gears of different sizes. 'A big and a small one,' he noted. 'If I use the big gear for two turns, the small one goes around three times. That's fast!' He chose the gears wisely.

Max experiments with a division and multiplication problem using gears.

Now with everything in place, Max tried again. He turned on the machine and watched as the gears spun rapidly. The light bulbs glowed brightly. 'It's working!' he exclaimed.

Max tests his creation, applying his problem-solving adjustments.

But suddenly, a whirring sound started. One of the wires came loose. 'Oh no, I must fix this!' Max counted the wires. After fixing the fifth wire, the noise stopped. 'That's better,' he sighed with relief.

Max experiences a minor setback and solves it with counting.

Just as Max was about to celebrate, he noticed the speed controller was too slow. 'If I give it five more spins, will that make it warp speed?' he wondered. After adjusting, the speed was perfect.

Max adjusts the controller, engaging in an addition problem.

Max stood back and watched his solar warp speed machine zoom around the lab, powered by the sun. 'I did it! I used math and solved problems to make this work,' he thought proudly.

Max observes his successful creation, reflecting on his problem-solving journey.