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Sunny and the Secret of Shadows

Once upon a time, in a bright playground, there was a boy named Sunny.

Introduces Sunny, whose experiences will lead to exploring shadows.

Introduction of the character Sunny, in a playground setting.

Sunny loved to play outside, but one sunny afternoon, he noticed something strange.

Sunny begins to observe his surroundings, which includes sunlight.

Sunny playing outside, sunny afternoon.

His friend, Shady, looked really tall, but only on the ground!

Sunny observes the shadow of his friend, the first hint of the concept.

Sunny notices his friend’s tall shadow on the ground.

Curious Sunny asked, 'Why do we get shadows, Shady?'

Sunny's curiosity sets the stage for an exploration about shadows.

Sunny is curious about shadows and questions begin.

Shady explained, 'It all starts with the sun and how light travels, Sunny.'

Introduces the source of light, essential for shadow formation.

Shady explains the role of the sun to Sunny.

'When something blocks the sun's light, it stops the light from traveling further.'

Explains the basic principle of shadow formation: obstruction of light.

Shady talks about objects blocking light.

'The place where the light doesn’t reach, that’s what we call a shadow,' said Shady.

Defines a shadow as the area where light is blocked.

Shady explaining what a shadow is.

Sunny glanced around and saw shadows of all shapes and sizes.

Observation and comparison of various shadows.

Sunny sees different shadows in the playground.

'Look! My shadow moves and changes when I move!' Sunny exclaimed with glee.

Shows how movement influences the position and size of a shadow.

Discovery that movement affects Sunny's shadow.

'Yes, as the sun moves across the sky, shadows move too,' Shady pointed out.

Explains how time of day and position of the sun change shadows.

Shady points out the relation of sun’s position and shadows.

'And the size of our shadows changes! They're longest when the sun is low!'

Relates shadow length to the sun’s angle in the sky.

Shady teaches about shadow size changes during the day.

Sunny smiled, 'Thanks, Shady! Now I know why we get shadows!'

Conclusion where Sunny expresses his newly acquired knowledge.

Sunny understands why we get shadows and feels happy.

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