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Piglet and Digger's Big Heart
In the mud, Piglet plays. Happy and loud.


Pretend you're hopping in the mud like Piglet.

Piglet is enjoying playing in the mud.
Along comes Digger, big and proud.

随之而来的是 Digger,它高大而自豪。

Show your muscles like strong Digger.

Digger the excavator arrives where Piglet is.
Digger works. Lifts dirt. Works hard.


Pretend you’re scooping dirt with Digger.

Digger is lifting and moving dirt.
Piglet sees Digger. Stops. Looks. Nods.


Nod your head as if saying hello to Digger.

Piglet notices Digger working.
Digger is hot. Wipes brow. Thirsty job.


Pretend to wipe your forehead like Digger.

Digger is taking a break, feeling hot.
Piglet thinks. Runs off. What is Piglet doing?


Run in place like Piglet.

Piglet has an idea and runs away.
Piglet comes back. Carries water. A gift!


Pretend to carry a water bucket like Piglet.

Piglet brings back water for Digger.
Digger drinks. Smiles. Feels good.


Smile big and pretend to drink water like Digger.

Digger drinks water and feels refreshed.
Thank you, Piglet! Friends share.


Hug yourself like Digger thanking Piglet.

Digger thanks Piglet for sharing water.
Piglet grins. Digger grins. Both happy.


Show your biggest grin.

Piglet and Digger are happy together.
Now they play. Together in mud.


Pretend to play in the mud with a friend.

Piglet and Digger start playing together.
Good friends help. Good friends care.


Shake hands like two good friends.

Piglet and Digger enjoy their friendship.

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