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Saul, the Nighttime Spider-Hero

Saul sat in his classroom, gazing out the window. The sun was dipping low, and soon it would be his time to shine.

Pretend to look out a window into the evening sky.

Saul in classroom daydreaming about night adventures.

As the final bell rang, Saul rushed home, excitement bubbling in his heart. Tonight was a special night.

Ring a pretend bell and rush to your feet with excitement.

Saul excitedly leaves school for the evening.

After dinner, Saul checked his superhero gear. Everything needed to be perfect for his nightly patrol.

Mime putting on a superhero outfit carefully.

Saul preparing his Spiderman gear after dinner.

With a swift leap, Spider-Saul landed on the rooftop, ready to guard the city against trouble.

Jump high and land in a superhero stance.

Spider-Saul begins his nightly patrol from a high place.

Suddenly, a distant alarm pierced the quiet night. Saul's keen ears knew it was time for action.

Cup your ear and pretend to hear something far away.

Saul in his spiderman costume

Swinging from building to building, Spider-Saul chased the sound, determined to help those in need.

Pretend to swing from a web through a city skyline.


At the bank, he saw the troublemakers. With a fierce battle cry, Spider-Saul jumped into action.

Let out a gentle battle cry and jump forward.

spiderman catching bad guys

The robbers were no match for Spider-Saul's swift moves. One by one, they were stopped.

Imagine moving swiftly to stop troublemakers in their tracks.

spiderman catching bad guys

As the last villain was webbed-up, the police arrived. Spider-Saul nodded, his job here was done.

Nod firmly and give a thumbs up, signaling a job well done.

Spider-Saul finishes up just as police arrive.

Silently, he vanished into the shadows, keeping his identity as Saul a secret from the world.

Take a step back and blend into the shadows.

Spider-Saul disappears to protect his identity.

The next day at school, Saul heard kids talk about the mysterious hero. Inside, he beamed with pride.

Smile big, feeling proud of a secret accomplishment.

Saul hears classmates chat about Spider-Saul.

As he sat at his desk, Saul knew that every night he'd be ready to swing into action again.

Sit down and look forward with determination and readiness.

Saul sits in class, ready for more adventures.

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