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Karen's Spring Break Adventures

The sun was shining bright. Karen jumped out of bed. 'Spring break is here!' she cheered.

Pretend to jump out of bed like Karen.

Karen is excited about spring break, in her bedroom.

Karen ran to the kitchen. 'Mom, can we go to the park today?' she asked with a big smile.

Put on a big smile and ask someone if you can go to the park.

Karen asks her mom to go to the park, in the kitchen.

At the park, Karen saw the slide. 'Whoosh!' Down she went, laughing all the way.

Pretend to slide down a big slide with your hands up high.

Karen enjoys the slide at the park.

Next, Karen tried the swings. She swung back and forth. 'Look at me, Mom!' she called.

Pretend to swing high into the sky, back and forth.

Karen swings at the park, calling to her mom.

She climbed the ladder to the top. 'I made it!' Karen was proud and happy.

Pretend to climb a tall ladder and cheer when you reach the top.

Karen climbs the ladder at the park's playground.

The next day, Karen and her mom took a bike ride. 'Ring ring!' went Karen's bike bell.

Pretend to ride a bike and use your bell with a 'ring ring!'

Karen rides her bike around the neighborhood with her mom.

They waved to the neighbors. 'Hello!' Karen greeted everyone with her friendly voice.

Wave and say 'Hello!' to someone nearby.

Karen greets her neighbors while riding her bike.

On the third day, Karen helped with breakfast. 'Let's make pancakes!' her mom said.

Pretend to pour pancake batter into a hot pan.

Karen helps her mom make pancakes for breakfast.

Karen stirred the batter. 'Mix, mix, mix,' she hummed, making perfect circles.

Pretend to stir pancake batter in a bowl.

Karen is mixing pancake batter in a bowl.

The pancakes cooked on the stove. 'Flip!' Mom flipped them high in the air.

Pretend to flip a pancake in the air and catch it.

Making pancakes, Karen watches her mom flip them.

They sat down to eat. 'Yummy!' said Karen, enjoying her breakfast.

Pretend to take a big bite of a delicious pancake.

Karen and her mom eat pancakes together.

Karen was happy. She loved spending time with her mom. 'Best spring break ever!' she said.

Give someone you love a big hug and say 'Best day ever!'

End of spring break, Karen is happy with her mom.

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