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Nayeli's Magical Flight

One sunny morning, Nayeli was playing in her backyard when she saw something unusual. There was a unicorn with pink wings looking sad.

Pretend you're looking at something surprising.

Nayeli discovers a sad, pink-winged unicorn in her backyard.

The unicorn's name was Rosa. She had sparkling eyes that shined like stars. Nayeli knew she had to cheer her up.

Smile and introduce yourself to an imaginary friend.

Nayeli learns the unicorn's name and wants to help.

Nayeli hugged Rosa, and the unicorn's wings began to glow. 'Why are you so sad?' asked Nayeli, hugging her new friend.

Give a big hug to the air and ask a caring question.

Nayeli hugs Rosa, whose wings start to glow.

Rosa whispered, 'I am lost. I can’t find my way back home.' Nayeli decided she would help Rosa find her way.

Show your determined face, ready to solve a problem.

Rosa admits she's lost; Nayeli wants to help her.

With a leap, Nayeli climbed onto Rosa's back. The unicorn's giant wings flapped, and they started to rise into the air.

Pretend to climb onto a unicorn's back carefully.

Nayeli bravely mounts the unicorn for a flight.

They flew over green fields where flowers danced in the wind. Nayeli felt free as a bird, soaring through the sky.

Spread your arms wide like wings and glide from side to side.

They fly over fields, flowers dancing in the wind.

The town below looked tiny from up high. They waved to people who looked like dots. Nayeli giggled with joy.

Wave down below and giggle happily.

Flying over the town, people look tiny from above.

But as the sun began to set, Nayeli remembered their quest. 'We must find your home,' she told Rosa.

Point forward like you see a faraway destination.

Nayeli remembers they need to find Rosa's home.

Rosa nodded and took them higher, above clouds shining with sunset colors. Nayeli held on tight, full of hope.

Hold your hands together tight, looking hopeful.

Rosa flies higher; clouds glow with the sunset.

Then, in a clearing among the stars, they saw a group of unicorns. Rosa's eyes lit up. She had found her family!

Clap your hands in excitement seeing friends.

They discover Rosa's unicorn family among the stars.

Rosa's family was overjoyed. They thanked Nayeli for her kindness. Saying goodbye was hard, but Nayeli was happy for Rosa.

Hug yourself and say a heartfelt goodbye.

Rosa reunites with family, who thank Nayeli.

With a gentle nuzzle, Rosa thanked Nayeli. As Nayeli watched them leave, she knew she had helped a friend in need.

Nuzzle into your elbow, feeling the love of a farewell.

Rosa thanks Nayeli with a nuzzle before leaving.