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Sky Melodies with Friends

Once upon a time, in a sunny Algerian city, lived a cheerful 2-year-old girl named Amira. She loved watching the birds soar high in the sky.

Flap your arms like a bird flying.

Introduction to Amira in Algeria, fascination with the sky.

One day, Amira saw a big metal bird! It was an airplane! She clapped her hands with excitement, wanting to learn all about it.

Clap your hands with excitement.

Amira spots an airplane, intrigued.

Far away, in a cozy Albanian home, lived one-year-old triplets: Liri, Vesa, and Dritan. They giggled and played, hugging their toy planes.

Pretend to fly a toy plane around.

Introduction to triplets in Albania playing with toy planes.

Their TV turned on. A show about airplanes was starting! Excited, they crawled closer to watch the amazing flying machines.

Crawl closer, like you're watching something amazing.

Triplets watching a TV documentary about airplanes.

On TV, a friendly voice said, 'Welcome to the Magic of Flight!' The screen showed the famous music group TLC, ready to sing.

Wave hello to the TV.

TLC appearing on the TV documentary about airplanes.

TLC sang sweet melodies about the wonders of the sky, with airplanes flying high, as Amira and the triplets watched with twinkling eyes.

Twinkle your eyes like you see something wonderful.

TLC singing, kids watching enchanted by the show.

Between the songs, the show shared stories about pilots and how they help people travel far to hug loved ones.

Hug yourself, imagining hugging a loved one.

Documentary shares stories of pilots and travel.

It taught Amira and the triplets how flying connects friends and families, bringing people together from different places.

Hold hands to show connection.

Teaching the value of airplanes in connecting people.

The music of TLC made the triplets gently sway, and Amira jumped around to the rhythm, feeling as if she was flying.

Gently sway and then jump around like you're flying.

Music makes kids feel like they're part of the flying experience.

After the show, the triplets shared their toys, showing they understood that sharing is like the airplanes bringing joy.

Share a toy with someone else.

Triplets learn about sharing through the airplane stories.

Amira drew a picture of an airplane and showed it to her friends. She explained how it could fly over mountains and seas.

Draw in the air with your finger, like you're drawing a plane.

Amira sharing her drawing and knowledge with friends.

That night, under a starry sky, children around the world dreamed of flying, knowing no distance was too far when hearts are connected.

Lay your head on your hands like you're dreaming.

Kids dream of flying and the closeness it brings.

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