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Nayeli's New View

Nayeli woke up, excited for the day ahead. Today, she was going to wear her new eyeglasses to school.

Pretend to put on glasses and look around.

Nayeli in her room, looking at her eyeglasses.

Her glasses made everything look so clear. The bright colors of her books and toys made her smile.

Smile and look at all the colors around you.

Nayeli observing her clear and colorful surroundings.

At breakfast, she told her mom, 'I can see every grain of sugar on my cereal!'

Act surprised when looking at something ordinary.

Nayeli chatting with her mom at the table.

As she walked to school, Nayeli felt brave behind her glasses. She was ready to make new friends.

Walk in place and give a thumbs-up for bravery.

Nayeli walking to school, feeling confident.

In class, Nayeli noticed the colorful artwork on the walls. She had never seen them so bright and detailed.

Pretend to look at pictures and point out details.

Nayeli in the hallway of her school, wearing her glasses

During lunch, she sat next to a group of kids. 'What are you working on?' Nayeli asked eagerly.

Mime sitting down and starting a conversation.

Nayeli with a group of other students, wearing her eye glasses

The kids showed her their drawings. Nayeli could see every line and color. She shared her ideas too!

Pretend to draw and show it to a friend.

Nayeli looking at other kids drawings with her glasses on

Playtime was amazing. Nayeli ran to the swings and invited others to play. Laughter filled the air.

Pretend to swing and laugh joyfully.

Nayeli on the playground wearing her eyeglasses.

Nayeli realized that talking to other kids was fun. She promised herself to do it every day.

Nod your head as if promising something important.

Nayeli talking to other kids in her classroom while wearing her glasses

In the afternoon, it was snack time. Nayeli shared her bear-shaped cookies with her new friends.

Pretend to eat a cookie and share with a neighbor.

Nayeli getting ready to eat a snack, wearing her glasses

The bell rang. School was over, but Nayeli was not sad. She knew tomorrow would be another great day.

Ring a pretend bell and wave goodbye to friends.

Nayeli packing her backpack, wearing her glasses

With her eyeglasses, Nayeli felt like she could do anything. She was no longer shy, but brave and happy!

Stand tall and proud, like a superhero.

Nayeli feeling empowered and content with her glasses.