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Piglet and the Big Yellow Excavator
In a sunny field, Piglet saw Excavator. Excavator was silent and still.


Pretend to be Piglet, walking in the sun.

Piglet meets a quiet Excavator in a field.
Piglet oinked, 'Why don't you play?' Excavator sighed, 'My scoop is hurt.'


Show me your sad face, like Excavator.

Excavator reveals a hurt scoop to Piglet.
Piglet felt sad. 'I'll help you,' he said. Excavator smiled a little.

小猪感到很难过。 “我会帮助你,”他说。挖掘机微微一笑。

Give a thumbs up for helping friends.

Piglet wants to help make Excavator happy.
Together, they found Excavator’s friend, the Mechanic, fixing things nearby.


Pretend to look around for a friend.

Piglet and Excavator find Mechanic who fixes things.
'Mechanic, can you help Excavator's scoop?' asked Piglet. 'Of course!' said Mechanic.

“机械师,你能帮一下挖掘机的铲子吗?”小猪问道。 '当然!'机械师说。

Nod your head like Mechanic does.

Piglet asks Mechanic to help Excavator.
Mechanic had tools. Clank! Clank! She worked on the scoop.


Pretend to use a tool and fix something.

Mechanic works on fixing Excavator's scoop with her tools.
Piglet waited. He gave Excavator a pat. 'It will be okay,' he said.

小猪等着。他拍了拍挖掘机。 “会没事的,”他说。

Pat your leg like Piglet pats Excavator.

Piglet comforts Excavator while waiting.
Soon, Excavator's scoop was all fixed! He scooped up dirt. Vroom!


Let's make a 'Vroom!' sound together.

Excavator scoops dirt happily after being fixed.
Piglet laughed and danced. Excavator was happy too.


Dance in place with joy like Piglet.

Piglet and Excavator are happy and having fun.
'Thank you, Piglet,' said Excavator. 'And thank you, Mechanic!'

“谢谢你,小猪,”挖掘机说。 “谢谢你,机械师!”

Wave 'thank you' like Excavator.

Excavator thanks Piglet and Mechanic for their help.
They all played together, digging and fixing. Friends help each other.


High five someone like good friends do.

Excavator, Piglet, and Mechanic are all playing together.
The sun set on a happy day. Piglet, Excavator, and Mechanic went home.


Pretend to walk home, tired but happy.

The happy trio heads home after a fun day.

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