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The Number Adventure

Once in a calm neighborhood, there lived a curious girl named Amy. She loved to count everything she saw.

What did Amy love to do?

  • A) Sing songs
  • B) Dance
  • C) Count everything
  • D) Paint pictures
Introducing Amy, a curious girl who loves counting, in a calm neighborhood.

One sunny morning, Amy decided to count all the flowers in her garden. 'One, two, three,' she began.

What is Amy counting?

  • A) Stars
  • B) Cars
  • C) Flowers
  • D) Candies
Amy counts flowers in her garden on a sunny morning.

After counting the flowers, she skipped to the park and started counting the swings. 'Four, five,' Amy counted.

Where did Amy go to count after her garden?

  • A) School
  • B) The park
  • C) The store
  • D) Her bedroom
Amy moves from her garden to the park, counting swings.

In the park, Amy saw her friend Lucas. Together, they counted the ducks in the pond. 'Six, seven,' they recited.

Who did Amy meet in the park?

  • A) Her teacher
  • B) Lucas
  • C) Her mom
  • D) A puppy
Amy meets her friend Lucas and they count ducks together.

Lucas had a kite with numbers on it. The two friends decided to fly the kite and read the numbers aloud. 'Eight, nine!' they shouted.

What did Amy and Lucas fly?

  • A) An airplane
  • B) A balloon
  • C) A kite
  • D) A bird
Flying a kite with numbers, Amy and Lucas shout out loud as they read them.

While the kite danced in the sky, Amy and Lucas lay on the grass and counted clouds. 'Ten, eleven,' they whispered.

What were Amy and Lucas counting while lying on the grass?

  • A) Stars
  • B) Leaves
  • C) Grasshoppers
  • D) Clouds
Counting clouds, Amy and Lucas lay on the grass, whispering numbers.

After a while, they decided to count the people walking by. 'Twelve, thirteen,' they giggled, watching the people.

What did Amy and Lucas decide to count next?

  • A) Flowers
  • B) Cars
  • C) People walking by
  • D) Bird nests
Counting people walking by, the friends giggle together.

Amy's little brother Max joined them, and he wanted to learn numbers too. 'Fourteen, fifteen,' Max tried counting his fingers.

Who joined Amy and Lucas to learn numbers?

  • A) Max
  • B) Amy's mom
  • C) Lucas's sister
  • D) A kitten
Max joins to learn numbers, counting his fingers with Amy and Lucas.

They made a game of finding numbers on license plates. 'Sixteen, seventeen,' they called out excitedly as cars passed.

What game did the friends play involving numbers?

  • A) Board game
  • B) Math quiz
  • C) Finding numbers on license plates
  • D) Number hide and seek
The friends make a game of finding numbers on passing car license plates.

As the day turned to dusk, Amy and her friends recapped their adventure. 'Eighteen, nineteen,' they recounted their favorite moments.

What time of day was it when they recapped their adventure?

  • A) Morning
  • B) Noon
  • C) Dusk
  • D) Midnight
Recapping their day, the friends recall their counting adventures.

Before saying goodbye, they counted stars appearing in the sky. 'Twenty,' they cheered, happy with the number they reached.

What did the friends count before saying goodbye?

  • A) Balloons
  • B) Stars
  • C) Fireflies
  • D) Street lights
Counting stars, the friends cheer as night falls, reaching twenty.

That night, Amy fell asleep with numbers dancing in her dreams. 'Tomorrow, I'll count even more,' she murmured.

What did Amy murmur about doing tomorrow?

  • A) Painting
  • B) Dancing
  • C) Singing
  • D) Counting even more
Amy falls asleep, dreaming about numbers, eager to count more the next day.

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