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Valeria's Splashtastic Party

Today is a sunny day. Valeria is happy. Today is her party.

Pretend to put on a party hat and smile.

Valeria is excited for the party, sunny day outside.

Look! Valeria has curly hair. She laughs with her bright eyes.

Laugh with your friends and show your happy eyes.

Valeria is laughing, showing her curly hair and bright eyes.

Valeria invites eight friends. They come over and say, 'Yay!'

Wave at your friends and say, 'Yay!'

Eight friends arrive, happy to be at the party.

Splash! They jump in the pool. Water goes everywhere!

Pretend to jump and make a big splash with your arms.

Kids jumping into the pool, splashing water.

Swing high, then slide down. Wee! Such fun on the playground!

Pretend to swing high and slide down, say, 'Wee!'

Playing on swings and slides, sounds of enjoyment.

Valeria and her friends play with dolls. They comb their hair.

Pretend to brush a doll's hair gently.

Playing with dolls, brushing their hair.

Time for hide-and-seek. 'Ready or not, here I come!'

Cover your eyes and count to three out loud.

Playing hide-and-seek, beginning to search for friends.

Found you! Everyone giggles and runs to hide again.

Giggle and pretend to run and hide somewhere new.

2 young girls hiding behind a tree having fun

Hungry from play, they eat hamburgers. Yum! So tasty!

Pretend to take a big bite of a hamburger and say, 'Yum!'

Eating hamburgers after playing, enjoying the meal.

The sun is setting. The party ends. Friends hug goodbye.

Give yourself a big hug, imagining saying goodbye to friends.

The party is winding down, friends are leaving.

Valeria is tired but happy. What a wonderful day!

Yawn and stretch your arms wide, feeling happy.

Valeria is content at the end of her party day.

They can't wait for the next party. 'Come back soon!'

Wave and say, 'Come back soon!' in a cheerful voice.

Anticipating the next party, invitation to return.

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