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Karen's First Day of Summer School

The sun is up. It is day. Karen wakes up.

Stretch your arms high like you're just waking up.

Morning in Karen's bedroom as she wakes for summer school.

Karen has a cat. The cat says, 'Meow!'

Pretend to pet a soft cat and say 'Meow!'

Introducing Karen's pet cat.

Karen eats jam. Jam is red. Yum!

Rub your tummy and say 'Yum!'

Karen eating her breakfast, a red jam.

Karen gets her bag. The bag is big.

Pretend to lift a heavy bag onto your back.

Karen preparing for summer school, picking up her bag.

Mom says, 'Go, Karen!' Mom is glad.

Wave goodbye like you are seeing off a friend.

Karen's mom encouraging her to go to school.

Karen has a hat. The hat is pink.

Pretend to put on a hat and smile.

Karen puts on her favorite pink hat.

The sun is hot. Karen runs. Fun!

Jog in place and fan yourself because of the heat.

Karen happily running under the sun.

A bus is here. The bus is yellow.

Make a 'Beep! Beep!' sound like a bus horn.

The arrival of the yellow school bus.

Karen sits. She sees Dan. Dan is new.

Wave hello to a new friend like Karen does.

Karen sitting on the bus and noticing a new kid, Dan.

The bus stops. Kids hop off. So much to see!

Jump off your seat and look around excitedly.

Karen and other kids getting off the bus at summer school.

School is cool. Karen grins. She goes in.

Smile a big grin and pretend to open a door.

Karen's first impression of school.

Karen's day is good. She did it!

Clap your hands and cheer for doing great on your first day!

End of Karen's first day at summer school.

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