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Amber's Math Mystery

Amber walked to school in her neat uniform, clutching her favorite math book. Today was special - a math scavenger hunt!

Amber heading to school, excited for the math scavenger hunt.

In class, Mrs. Lee explained, 'Each puzzle you solve will lead you closer to the Math Medal.'

Mrs. Lee introduces the scavenger hunt and the Math Medal.

The first clue read, 'I'm the sum of the wheels on three bicycles.' Amber quickly whispered, 'Six!'

Amber solves the first math clue involving addition.

The answer led Amber to the bike rack, where she found the next clue tucked in the basket of her bike.

Amber finds the next clue at the bike rack.

This clue said, 'Take away two from five. That’s where you’ll find your next surprise!' Amber thought and said, 'Three!'

Amber works out a subtraction problem.

She ran to classroom 3 and saw puzzle pieces on the desk. Putting them together revealed a number: '4'.

Amber finds puzzle pieces that lead to the next number.

'Four is the number of legs on the music room piano!' Amber exclaimed, rushing to the piano.

The clue leads Amber to the music room.

Under the piano, a shiny note showed two numbers multiplied: '2 x 2'. 'Four!' Amber said, feeling smarter with each step.

Amber finds a multiplication clue.

The classroom clock was set at 4:00, and the next clue was waiting. 'What's half of eight?' Amber smiled. 'Four!'

Amber discovers a division problem on the clock.

Amber's heart raced as she collected the final clue near the clock. It read, 'Put all the numbers together for the final code.'

Amber finds the final clue to the math mystery.

She lined up the numbers: 6, 3, 4, 4. 'It’s a locker combination!' Amber suddenly realized.

Amber figures out the numbers form a locker combination.

With a click, locker 6344 swung open. Inside was the shiny Math Medal. 'You solved the secret of math,' cheered Mrs. Lee.

Amber opens the locker and finds the Math Medal.

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