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The Royal Problem-Solvers

Once upon a time, in a grand castle, lived Princess Defne and Princess Yasmin. They loved to play in the castle gardens and have adventures.

Where did Princess Defne and Princess Yasmin love to play?

  • A) In the castle gardens
  • B) In the grand castle
  • C) In the royal ballroom
  • D) In the palace kitchen
Castle setting, introducing Princess Defne and Yasmin Fair skin, brown eyes, playful dress and Princess Olive skin, green eyes, flowy princess dress, playing in gardens. There are two sweety mouses in the garden

One sunny morning, as they were playing tag, they heard a loud noise from the castle's garden. Their pet kitten, Sparkle, had gotten stuck in a tree!

What happened to Sparkle, the princesses' pet kitten?

  • A) Got stuck in a tree
  • B) Ran away from the castle
  • C) Found a new hiding spot
  • D) Fell asleep in the flowers
Sunny morning, playing tag, kitten Fluffy white kitten with blue collar stuck in tree.

Princess Defne and Princess Yasmin wanted to help Sparkle. They thought of using a ladder, but it was too heavy for them to carry. What could they do to rescue Sparkle?

What problem did the princesses encounter when they wanted to rescue Sparkle?

  • A) Ladder was too heavy
  • B) Sparkle climbed higher
  • C) Castle gates closed
  • D) Rain started to pour
Princesses thinking of ways to help Fluffy white kitten with blue collar, unable to carry the ladder.

Princess Defne had an idea. She remembered the long stick they used to play fetch with Sparkle. Yasmin fetched the stick, and they carefully guided Sparkle down from the tree.

What did Princess Defne remember that helped them rescue Sparkle?

  • A) A long stick
  • B) The castle's secret tunnel
  • C) A magical spell
  • D) A key to the tower
Princess Fair skin, brown eyes, playful dress's idea, using a stick to rescue Fluffy white kitten with blue collar from the tree.

The kitten was safe on the ground! Princess Defne and Princess Yasmin hugged Sparkle tightly and felt happy that they had solved the problem together.

How did the princesses feel after they had rescued Sparkle?

  • A) Happy and relieved
  • B) Tired and bored
  • C) Sad and frustrated
  • D) Worried and scared
Kitten safe on the ground, princesses hugging Fluffy white kitten with blue collar and feeling happy.