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Karen's Shape Adventure

Karen walks in school. She smiles.

Walk in place with a big smile.

Karen enters her school happily, ready to explore.

She sees a red square. 'Wow!' says Karen.

Pretend to touch a big red square in front of you.

Karen spots a red square on the wall.

A yellow circle is next. Round and round.

Draw a big circle in the air with your finger.

Karen notices a bright yellow circle.

Here is a blue rectangle. Long sides!

Make a long side with your arms.

Karen stands beside a blue rectangle.

Look! A green triangle. Pointy top.

Reach up high like the top of a triangle.

Karen admires a green triangle.

Karen finds squares on the floor. Tap, tap.

Gently tap the floor as if tapping on squares.

Karen discovers floor tiles shaped like squares.

Circle, circle on the door. Hello, circle!

Wave hello to a circle.

Circular objects catch Karen's eye on a door.

Windows are rectangles. See the sky!

Look up as if gazing through a window.

Karen looks through rectangle-shaped windows.

Triangles on a flag. Flap, flap.

Flap your hands like a flag in the wind.

Karen sees flags with triangle patterns.

Karen sits on a square mat. Snack time!

Sit down and pretend to eat a snack.

Karen sits on a square mat for a snack.

Karen draws circles and squares. Scribble, scribble.

Pretend to draw shapes on a piece of paper.

Karen draws different shapes on paper.

Karen waves goodbye. Fun day with shapes!

Wave goodbye to all the shapes around you.

Karen finishes her day and waves goodbye to the shapes.

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