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Sara, Alia, and Hamad in the Enchanted Forest

Once upon a time, in a cozy little home on the edge of a lush fairy wood, lived three friends named Sara, Alia, and Hamad. They loved exploring the woods and playing hide and seek among the tall trees.

Pretend you're walking through a forest.

Introduction of the three friends and the fairy wood.

One sunny morning, the trio found a nest of birds on the ground. The baby birds were chirping loudly. 'They must be hungry,' thought Sara.

Flap your arms like baby birds.

Discovery of baby birds by Girl with brown hair, fair skin, and green eyes, Girl with blonde hair, olive skin, and blue eyes, and Boy with black hair, tan skin, and brown eyes.

Sara turned to Alia and Hamad and said, 'We need to help them! Let's find some worms to feed them!'

Pretend to search for worms on the ground.

Girl with brown hair, fair skin, and green eyes proposes helping the baby birds by finding food.

The friends spread out, looking under leaves and branches for worms. Their buckets slowly filled with wriggly creatures to feed the hungry birds.

Mimic picking up worms and putting them in a bucket.

The friends collect worms to feed the birds.

After feeding the birds, Alia noticed the baby birds were safe but could not fly back to their home. 'Their nest is way up in that tree!' she said, pointing upwards.

Look high up and point to the sky.

Girl with blonde hair, olive skin, and blue eyes realizes the birds' nest is in a tree.

Hamad had an idea. 'We could build a ladder with branches! Together we can reach the nest.'

Pretend to build a ladder with sticks.

Boy with black hair, tan skin, and brown eyes suggests building a ladder to reach the nest.

They carefully crafted a ladder and placed it against the tallest tree. 'Be careful!' warned Sara as Hamad climbed up.

Pretend to climb a ladder carefully.

They make a ladder; Boy with black hair, tan skin, and brown eyes begins to climb.

At the top, Hamad carefully lifted each bird and nestled them back into their home. The mother bird returned, chirping gratefully.

Cradle your hands and pretend to lift something gently.

Boy with black hair, tan skin, and brown eyes returns birds to the nest; mother bird is thankful.

The friends watched as the birds snuggled into their nest. 'We did it!' cheered Alia. 'We worked together and kept them safe.'

Cheer and clap your hands softly.

Success as the friends reunite the birds with their nest.

As the sun began to set, Sara, Alia, and Hamad knew it was time to head home. 'We should check on them tomorrow,' Sara suggested.

Nod your head in agreement.

Reflecting on their deed as they plan to return home.

They promised to take turns watching over the nest until the baby birds learned how to fly.

Spread your arms wide like you're flying.

Friends agree to take turns watching the nest.

Each day, they made sure the baby birds were fed and safe. Before long, the baby birds flapped their wings and soared high above the trees.

Flap your arms again, but this time stronger!

Friends care for the birds until they can fly.