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Cleo's First Day
Cleo felt nervous. She hugged her mom goodbye. Elsa waved from the bus.


Give someone a big hug.

Cleo at home, saying goodbye to her mom and seeing her friend Elsa.
At school, Cleo saw new faces. A girl with a pink bow smiled at her. The teacher said hi.


Wave and say hi to someone.

Cleo arriving at school, noticing new kids, and the teacher greeting them.
During circle time, they sang a song. Cleo sat next to the girl with the pink bow.


Sing a song and hold hands with a friend.

Circle time in class, singing a song, and Cleo sitting next to a new friend.
At playtime, Cleo and her new friend built a castle. They laughed and had fun.


Build a pretend castle and have fun.

Recess, Cleo and her friend playing and laughing while building a castle.
It was snack time. Cleo shared her chips with her new friend. They smiled.


Share a snack with someone and smile.

Snack time, Cleo and her friend sharing snacks and smiling.
In art class, they painted together. Cleo's friend gave her a high-five.


Paint an imaginary picture and give a high-five.

Art class, painting together, and a friend giving Cleo a high-five.
During story time, they sat close. Cleo's new friend leaned on her shoulder.


Sit close to a friend and lean on their shoulder.

Story time, sitting close, and Cleo's friend leaning on her shoulder.
The bell rang. Cleo waved goodbye to her friend. She felt happy and loved.


Wave goodbye and show an expression of happiness.

End of the school day, Cleo saying goodbye to her friend and feeling happy.

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