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The Incredible Inside and Outside

Bobby and Tina were curious about what was inside our bodies. They wondered if things were the same deeper inside.

Our bodies are made up of cells, which are composed of atoms. At the core, we are all interconnected.

Hope and Ayo were looking at biology books.

They learned about blood cells, which flow through our veins and arteries, carrying oxygen and nutrients. Tina asked if blood cells look the same in all people.

Blood cells have similar structures in all humans, regardless of differences on the outside.

Bobby and Tina at the library, reading about blood cells.

They read about atoms, the tiny building blocks of everything. Bobby wondered if all atoms in the world were identical.

All atoms have a nucleus composed of protons and neutrons, surrounded by electrons, regardless of external variation.

Bobby and Tina in a science museum, observing a model of an atom.

Tina and Bobby were amazed to discover that even the energy within us is alike. They found out that everything in the universe is made of energy.

Energy is a fundamental component of the universe, connecting all living and non-living things together.

Bobby and Tina in the backyard, discussing the concept of energy.

Armed with new knowledge, they realized that while our exteriors might differ, the similarities inside were what made each of us special.

The diversity we observe in the world is a product of complex internal similarities that bind all living beings and matter together.

Bobby and Tina having an epiphany while gazing at the night sky.