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A Bond of Understanding

David and Lily sat under the sprawling oak tree, the sun casting dappled patterns on the ground. David's eyes sparkled with excitement as he shared about his new pet dog. Lily listened intently, her face lit up with joy. Suddenly, David's voice trailed off and he looked uncertain. Lily reached out and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

Why did Lily squeeze David's hand?

  • A) To show excitement
  • B) To comfort David
  • C) To talk about her own pet
  • D) To distract David
Under the oak tree, David and Lily talk about David's new dog.

The next day, Lily took a deep breath and approached a group of kids in the playground who were making fun of David. She stood up for him, her voice firm and unwavering, until the other kids stopped their teasing and drifted away. David looked at Lily, feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and friendship.

Why did Lily approach the teasing kids?

  • A) To join their group
  • B) To talk to her friends
  • C) To stand up for David
  • D) To make fun of David
On the playground, Lily stands up for David against teasing kids.

In the following weeks, David and Lily spent countless afternoons together, exploring the woods, reading stories, and practicing hopscotch. They shared laughter, tears, and dreams, their bond growing stronger with each passing day. They had found in each other a friend who understood them like no one else.

What did David and Lily do together?

  • A) Explored the city
  • B) Explored the woods
  • C) Watched movies
  • D) Played video games
David and Lily spend time together, forming a strong bond.

As the years went by, David and Lily faced new challenges and adventures, but one thing remained unchanged - their strong bond of understanding and friendship. They learned to stand by each other, to celebrate victories, and to lend a shoulder during tough times. David and Lily knew that no matter what, they would always have each other.

What remained unchanged between David and Lily over the years?

  • A) Their friendship
  • B) Their favorite book
  • C) Their pet dog
  • D) Their school
David and Lily face challenges together, reinforcing their friendship.

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