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Xiao Zhu Zhu's Big Excavator
Xiao Zhu Zhu's Big Excavator
Once there was a little pig named Xiao Zhu Zhu. He was very pink and small.


What is the little pig's name?

  • A) Xiao Zhu Zhu
  • B) Big Pig
  • C) Pink Pig
  • D) Zhu Xiao Zhu
Introduction of main character Xiao Zhu Zhu.
He liked to wake up early. The sun would shine in and say 'Good morning!'


What time does Xiao Zhu Zhu wake up?

  • A) 9 AM
  • B) 7 AM
  • C) 8 AM
  • D) 10 AM
Xiao Zhu Zhu waking up in the morning.
Xiao Zhu Zhu would hop out of bed. He had things to do!


What does Xiao Zhu Zhu do after waking up?

  • A) Plays
  • B) Stays in bed
  • C) Eats dinner
  • D) Hops out of bed
Xiao Zhu Zhu getting out of bed.
Brush, brush. His teeth were clean. He smiled wide.


What does Xiao Zhu Zhu do before breakfast?

  • A) Brushes his coat
  • B) Brushes his teeth
  • C) Takes a bath
  • D) Washes his face
Xiao Zhu Zhu brushing his teeth.
He sat down to eat. Bread and milk. Yum!


What does Xiao Zhu Zhu eat for breakfast?

  • A) Soup and water
  • B) Fruit and juice
  • C) Bread and milk
  • D) Cereal and tea
Xiao Zhu Zhu eating breakfast.
Then it was playtime. His toy was so cool. A big excavator.


What toy does Xiao Zhu Zhu play with?

  • A) A small car
  • B) A big truck
  • C) A big excavator
  • D) A little bike
Xiao Zhu Zhu beginning playtime.
Vroom, vroom! The excavator was hard to drive. But so much fun.


Is the excavator easy to drive for Xiao Zhu Zhu?

  • A) Yes, it's easy
  • B) No, it's hard
  • C) It drives itself
  • D) He doesn't drive it
Xiao Zhu Zhu playing with the excavator.
He pushed a button. It didn't work. He tried again.


What does Xiao Zhu Zhu do when the button doesn't work?

  • A) He cries
  • B) He asks for help
  • C) He tries again
  • D) He sleeps
Xiao Zhu Zhu learning to use the excavator.
Beep! It moved. Xiao Zhu Zhu was happy. He kept going.


How does Xiao Zhu Zhu feel when the excavator moves?

  • A) Angry
  • B) Sad
  • C) Confused
  • D) Happy
Xiao Zhu Zhu making progress with the excavator.
He scooped up dirt. Dumped it out. Again and again.


What does Xiao Zhu Zhu do with the dirt?

  • A) Eats it
  • B) Hides it
  • C) Scoops and dumps it
  • D) Puts it in his pocket
Xiao Zhu Zhu playing with the excavator like a pro.
He worked all day. His excavator was his friend.


What does Xiao Zhu Zhu do all day?

  • A) Eats
  • B) Sleeps
  • C) Plays with his excavator
  • D) Reads a book
Xiao Zhu Zhu enjoying his day with the excavator.
Night came. Xiao Zhu Zhu was tired. He had done his best.


Why is Xiao Zhu Zhu tired?

  • A) He ran a race
  • B) He played all day
  • C) He studied hard
  • D) He did chores
Xiao Zhu Zhu winding down after a long day.

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