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Mary's Missing Socks
I calzini mancanti di Mary
Mary had a colorful collection of socks. Each pair was special, from stripes to polka dots.

Mary aveva una colorata collezione di calzini. Ogni paio era speciale, dalle righe ai pois.

Pretend to put on your favorite pair of socks.

Introduction to Mary and her variety of socks in her room.
Every morning, Mary picked a pair. She knew her socks were her duty to wear.

Ogni mattina Mary ne sceglieva un paio. Sapeva che era suo dovere indossare i calzini.

Act like you're choosing between two favorite things.

Mary is choosing socks for the day in her bedroom.
But one morning, she found one sock missing. 'Without my pair, one foot will be freezing!'

Ma una mattina si accorse che mancava un calzino. "Senza il mio paio, un piede si congelerĂ !"

Pretend to look under your bed for a lost item.

Mary discovers a sock is missing, feels worried.
She looked in her drawer. She checked under the bed. 'Where could it be?' Mary anxiously said.

Guardò nel suo cassetto. Controllò sotto il letto. "Dove potrebbe essere?" disse Mary con ansia.

Act like you're searching around your room.

Mary searches her room for her missing sock.
Then Mary wondered, with a bit of a frown, if the missing sock was in the laundry pile down.

Poi Mary si chiese, un po' accigliata, se il calzino mancante fosse nel mucchio della biancheria giĂą.

Simulate walking down the stairs with caution.

Mary suspects the laundry pile might be where the sock is.
Downstairs in the laundry room, Mary began to look, sorting through colors and whites, every cranny and nook.

Al piano di sotto, nella lavanderia, Mary cominciò a guardare, vagliando i colori e i bianchi, ogni fessura e angolo.

Pretend to sort laundry into different piles.

Mary searches through the laundry room.
She found socks with rips and some with stains, but the match to her pair seemed lost with no gains.

Trovò calzini strappati e alcuni macchiati, ma la corrispondenza con il suo paio sembrava persa senza alcun risultato.

Hold up a sock and shake your head 'no'.

Mary finds other socks but not the one she's looking for.
Mary knew that her things were her charge to keep neat, so she organized the socks with no feat.

Mary sapeva che era suo compito tenere in ordine le sue cose, quindi organizzò i calzini senza alcuna impresa.

Pretend to fold clothes neatly and put them away.

Mary starts organizing her socks responsibly.
As she folded, she learned an important lesson that day; to mind her stuff, or it might go astray.

Quando ha lasciato, quel giorno ha imparato una lezione importante; a badare alle sue cose, altrimenti potrebbe andare fuori strada.

Nod your head as if you understand a valuable lesson.

Mary reflects on the importance of taking care of her belongings.
Finally, under a sheet, the lost sock was found! Mary cheered with joy and jumped around.

Finalmente, sotto un lenzuolo, è stato ritrovato il calzino smarrito! Mary esultò di gioia e saltò di qua e di là.

Jump up and cheer as if you won a prize.

The missing sock is found under a sheet, Mary is delighted.
With both socks on, warm and bright, Mary was ready to play outside in the light.

Con entrambi i calzini addosso, caldi e luminosi, Mary era pronta per giocare fuori alla luce.

March in place as if you're going outside to play.

Mary wears the found sock and is ready to go play.
From that day on, Mary kept socks in pairs, so each morning, her feet were covered with care.

Da quel giorno in poi, Mary tenne i calzini in paia, così ogni mattina i suoi piedi furono coperti con cura.

Give a thumbs up to show you'll remember to take care of your things.

Mary maintains her sock pairs well after learning her lesson.

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